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    THP needs YouTube subscribers...

    Resubscribed. Hopefully it sticks this time. :lol:
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    THP needs YouTube subscribers...

    Subscriber #3 here. Best of luck with the channel; I'll be looking forward to it! :cheers:
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    health I almost killer her, now what?

    The size of the leaves on a pepper plant can vary depending on the variety. As long as you are giving it enough light and nutes and the plant is otherwise healthy I wouldn't worry too much about it. Here is a list of factors to take a look at if you are having a lot of flower drop:
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    health Hello, I have two C.Galapagoense plants that are about 8 month old they are stunted because I left them in small cups can they recover.?

    I haven't grown that specific species before, but in my experience with the domesticated species, they tend to take off once you repot them into a larger pot. That is assuming that you are also giving them enough light, ferts, etc. So I don't think that you have permanently stunted them or...
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    baccatum Best Looking Baccatum I've Seen

    Aji Bacon? Hmm, I think I actually like that name better than Sugar Rush Striped. :)
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    pod Identification

    This. There are many superhot varieties that can have a similar appearance to the pods in your photo. Brain Strains, Moruga Scorpions, various 7 Pot varieties and more. Unless the person that gave you the seeds has some idea about it, there is unfortunately no way to know for sure what variety...
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    health Nutrient problems, or dying plants?

    Your Aji Omicolor plant just looks a little nutrient deficient to me. Not sure what caused the dead branches on the Orange Tiger and Jamaican Hot, but the black stuff I see on both the dead stem and some of the leaves on the Jamaican Hot looks fungal to me. I would prune off the affected areas...
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    seeds Bubblegum?

    The BBG7 is known for having an extra large calyx with the color of the pod bleeding into it. So red BBG7 have a large red calyx, yellow ones have yellow calyx, etc. I grew the white variant of the BBG7 for a couple of generations. Even though white is a more recent color variant, it grew true...
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    overwintering What to do with my plants...?

    Yes, you can keep your plants alive indoors through the winter months. If you really need to go low maintenance you can even try to force them into dormancy. Check out the overwintering thread for information on how to overwinter your pepper plants...
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    favorite Favorite supermarket sauce?

    For a classic hot sauce, I like Valentina Black Label. For wings or stir fry, I usually get BWW Asian Zing sauce. It tastes like a spicier version of General Tso's Chicken sauce, and it is pretty inexpensive at my local grocery store.
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    wanted Iso isolated Count Dracula and Purple UFO

    Hippy Seed Company has both of those in stock right now. They are highly reputable seed vendors. All of the seeds I purchased from them in the past have grown true so far. Also, keep in mind that their prices are in Australian dollars, so they are not really as expensive as they seem at first...
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    pod Freak fruit that's a different colour

    That is interesting. Are you certain that purple is the final, ripe color of those pods? I see a lot of green still on some of them. I ask because I have grown varieties that ripened from green to purple to orange to red. Otherwise it seems pretty strange to me that one of the pods would ripen...
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    chinense Best Scotch Bonnet??

        You might check out,, and They are all reputable members here, and they all have a selection of different Scotch Bonnet varieties to choose from.
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    chinense Best Scotch Bonnet??

    I really like the yellow Bonnets from CARDI (I got my original seeds from Juanitos who ordered them directly from CARDI in Trinidad and Tobago). They might just be the hottest yellow Bonnets that I have tried, and they have a wonderful fruity flavor like you would expect from a yellow Bonnet...
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    pests Bugs on my Scorpion plant

    Aphid. The one in the picture actually looks like an aphid mummy, which happens after a parasitic wasp lays an egg in an aphid. Go ahead and kill any live aphids you find (Neem, Pyrethrin and Castile soap all work), but I would leave any aphid mummies alone, as a parasitic wasp (beneficial) will...
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    Are these broad mites?

    Your photo is a bit out of focus, but to me the whitish specks look like aphid sheds, so the greenish specks are likely aphids. If your permethrin isn't working then I would question the potency of the product. Either that, or perhaps you didn't mix it strong enough. Mixing it to the recommended...
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    ad Bold Badger 2021 Giveaway

    Very cool promotion! I really enjoyed the "pepper forward" flavor of the Overkill sauce in past years. And it was hot! If it is even hotter now that sounds even better!  :cool:   
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    Why does this happen ?

      My concern with just planting it deeper would be that since the fungus that caused the problem would still presumably be present in the potting soil, on the existing roots, and on the damaged part of the stem, that the fungal infection could just continue to spread. I have had some success in...
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    Why does this happen ?

    Damping off.
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    Peru Purple Chilis bigger than normal, should I worry?

    I have not grown this variety before, but a quick google search suggests that the pods should grow upright, as in your second pic. The differences in size, color and the fact that pods hang pendant rather than growing upright all suggest that the plant in the first pic is something other than a...