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  1. Marturo

    contest Gnarliest Pod! September 2021

    Looks as if it were melting from the inside ☠️ OUT.
  2. Marturo

    pod peach drop

    Those pods look thick & yummy, the color looks like a peach drop for sure. 5 minutes hmmmm! :mouthonfire: That'll do
  3. Marturo

    Joe from PA

    :welcome: You found the right sight, Welcome.
  4. Marturo

    issue Been forced to bring inside.

    Going to get our first LED grow lights this year. So in for the Education. :fireball: Good luck to my friend. :)
  5. Marturo

    favorite Favorite Mayo

    Sir Kensington Mayo is our favorite.
  6. Marturo

    Hey all!

  7. Marturo

    Hi, Hola, Hej and Hallo.

    :mouthonfire: Welcome Steve. Getting past the heat to those wondrous flavors we all love.
  8. Marturo

    cooking More Mushrooms!!

    To me the Amanitas are the most unique & beautiful of the Mushrooms, However just the fact that Amanita Caesarea is eaten in Europe & found to be toxic here in the US makes me take caution with Amanitas. Amanita Muscara is the red/ orange top with white pieces of the egg sack spotting the red...
  9. Marturo

    cooking More Mushrooms!!

    Funny looks like the little guy has found a Boletus Edulis yum!!
  10. Marturo

    cooking More Mushrooms!!

    Many Amanitas are not deadly although some of the most deadly, are found in their family. I was lucky to be taught by some very old Mountain Men & Granny Women about mushrooms in the wild. 1. First & really most important, " Their are Old Mushroom hunters & their are Bold Mushroom hunters...
  11. Marturo

    container Grow bags vs. Pots.

    So far I can see a drip watering setup will be needed for the bags. As for color it seems they would offer the bags in white however Tan would be better than black. Is cleaning them for reuse a problem? ABS pots clean up well for reuse can the fabric be cleaned as well?
  12. Marturo

    container Grow bags vs. Pots.

    That was my nest question. How well do the bags hold water. I see that any fabric will dry out faster & that would be good in a wet year. I like the storage part best, the bags will fold up & away when not on use. As for preventing disease from being a problem I would think a 10% solution of...
  13. Marturo

    container Grow bags vs. Pots.

    PS I forgot to ask about the right size for peppers.
  14. Marturo

    container Grow bags vs. Pots.

    Thanks for the link. Three years in the same pot/bag that's amazing. As for stability I see your point, they need some support & I can bury them 1/4 deep. I would imagine they do not rot that easy. The only complaints I saw were due to sizing & what they thought it would be.
  15. Marturo

    cooking More Mushrooms!!

    We hunt them in the Mountains, it's been a dry year so with some rains coming we hope for some good flushes of puff balls, Hens, pinkies aka Meadow mushrooms, & all the September woods offerings. Never thought about growing them hmmm I look into that. Thanks.
  16. Marturo

    cooking More Mushrooms!!

    We have made Hen of the woods into a savory gravy using Condensed cream of Chicken or Mushroom soup with Chicken & hot peppers over Brown rice.
  17. Marturo

    bottling Why are there so many articles stating hot filling is dangerous?

    I read that. Wonder if that includes Heirloom tomatoes as well?
  18. Marturo

    Hello from NC

    Thank you all for the warm :fire: welcome, it's obvious I found the right place.
  19. Marturo

    container Grow bags vs. Pots.

    Hi everyone I'm new here, however not to growing peppers. I have grown peppers forever mostly tropical countries or Fla. Just before my 70th birthday I finally got it. :clap: I have used plastic & Clay pots pretty much for everything, yet lately & after coming here, I see the usefulness...
  20. Marturo

    annum Rome Jalapeno Question

    I was in Japan in the 50s & Panama in the 60s Guam in the 70s. I grew up around the Oyster bars where the men would go out back sit around eat oysters & hot peppers. What Brat would not love roaming the places where food was majik & hot peppers grew wild? It was a real adventure. I love...