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  1. kccellall

    DIY polytunnel

    With the temps dropping in the midwest and we even got a dusting of snow yesterday i decided to make my own diy pollytunnel made out of pvc and and 4 mil plastic sheeting i got from menards gonna put the from together tomorrow or when i get my tax cut money not bad for a city boy    
  2. kccellall

    wanted Antep Aci Dolma seed wanted

    pm me if you have some to sale
  3. kccellall

    Grow bag fabric

    If anyone is interested in DIY fabric pots Dollar General has a 3ft x 45ft for only  $5 each bout to hit up offerup and find me a decent sewing machine 
  4. kccellall

    Got some hot mail today!!

    First i wanna THANK  Thegreenchilemonster You just dont know i been waiting on the mailman like he has W-2s for me lol but its time to rearrange my garden space this year, these are going in dirt as soon as my new heatmat comes in, all i need now is The Giant white habanero and Aji amarillo...
  5. kccellall

    shopping Scored some store bought orange manzano

    Finally found some orange manzano pods at a mexican supermarket here in missouri and i must say i love the flavor and scent with just the right amount of heat, I will be saving the seed to grow a few plants this summer
  6. kccellall

    Hello from the show me state

    just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for all the information and love from this community