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  1. Blitz527

    2020 Here comes the BOOM

    SO..... here we go again. After the past 3 years being almost duds, 2020 will be the year to turn it around. I apologize for the absence and I am going to make a great effort to be here more like back in 2016/17. To recap, I had a fantastic year a few years back when I used my ex-inlaws place...
  2. Blitz527

    breeding General question about crossing

    So, can someone please help me out on this. I'd like to start a small cross project and I'd like to make sure I have all of this understood correctly. So for example, I cross a scorpion and a habanero, I harvest the crossed pods, grow out the seeds and that would be an F1 correct? And F2, F3 and...
  3. Blitz527

    Stay Tuned, I'm BACK

    Well folks, let's try this again. I wonder why I do this, am I a glutton for punishment? Do I really need all of this? The world will never know. I believe it is time well spent and I enjoy it. So here goes. Last year was a bust, took some time off and regrouped. This year, I have a master...
  4. Blitz527

    Will there be a throwdown 2019?

    Is there already or will there be a grow down throwdown 2019 for the states?
  5. Blitz527

    Swap meet

    Well folks, I have taken a bit of a break from growing this past year, but 2019 will be a GREAT year. Here is what I would like to see on this thread, FUN. If you have some seeds you wanna swap for something, post it. If you are looking for something in particular, ask. If you wanna throw some...
  6. Blitz527

    I'm Back At It 2018

    Well, it's been a while. I hope everyone is doing well. I am getting a little bit of a late start BUT I am determined to have a GREAT growing season. With many thanks to a few members from last year, I have a nice array of seeds that will be hitting the dirt tonight or tomorrow. So, this is the...
  7. Blitz527

    Beginner Questions HAHAHAHA

    OK..... So I have been a member here for a little bit now, I have been following a few glogs and posts, Seen some things I dont know or understand so some clarity would be awesome. HERE GOES: Types of peppers with "Nicknames" What is a MoA?? What are some other popular nicknames or abreviations...
  8. Blitz527

    Most beautiful pepper plant???

    So, I am curious to see what you all think is the most beautiful looking Pepper or Pepper Plant you have grown or are growing. I know there are "decorative" pepper plants out there but how is the flavor? Is there a "non-ornamental" that is just a pretty pod or plant? Make this fun, Post pics...
  9. Blitz527

    Shout Out to Devv, PepperNovice and WickedMike

    Well folks, I have to say I am extremely happy that I joined THP. The knowledge, advice and friendly atmosphere is absolutely astonishing. I just want to publicly recognize Devv for sharing with me. Few seeds that allow me to participate in the growdown throwdown. PepperNovice and Wicked Mike...
  10. Blitz527

    The wife got me something COOL

    SO, My 6 year old son as I had some plans for a new green house and some bigger plans this year seeing as we were looking to move... Well the wife thwarted my plans in a very welcomed way... I shall explain. A couple years ago, I had to sell my prized possession. My 2004 zx6r-636. Show room...
  11. Blitz527

    Quick advice

    So, if you check out my glog, my plants are starting to get quite big for their area. I am very limited on space and sufficient lighting for them so do I: A) prune lower leaves and keep them growing upwards. B) Top them C) both A and B D) Let them be and keep them the way they are. Any and all...
  12. Blitz527

    seeds Extra Seeds, Who wants some?

    Well, I am finding myself with a few extra seeds. I would be happy to send some your way if you want some. Ill do this for the first 10 people who are interested, and If i have more after that, Ill keep it going. Ill put a little variety pack together got you, All labeled. Again, I am giving...
  13. Blitz527

    First log, Will follow with weekly updates

    This is my first ever Grow Log. This is also my first year dealing with growing a fairly large amount of plants in my opinion. currently I have approximately 28 Bhut Jolokai, 19 Carolina Reaper, 19 Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and 6 Habanero. Recently (Last night) I Pruned 3 of each pepper to begin...
  14. Blitz527

    New to the community and growing super hots

    Well hey there folks. Just wanted to post and say hello and share a little with you. Last year I had my first vegi garden, the wife likes her tomatoes and cucumbers, where I enjoy peppers, lots and lots of peppers. So justifiably, this year my main focus is on my peppers as I do the gardening...