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    Red Hawk's been busy!!!

    We've been pretty busy here at Red Hawk Premium Peppers. I'm happy to announce all of our product labels are getting a major facelift!!! Let me know what you think of some of these babies!    
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    30% off all Red Hawk products through Cyber Monday!  
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    LET'S GET SAUCED!!!!!!

    THEY'RE HEEEEEERE!!!!!!!   The new Red Hawk Premium Peppers t-shirts have arrived and are available for only $15 plue s&h! Get yours by emailing me at since the link to the shirts is not on our website yet.  
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    event 2016 Bowers Chile Pepper Festival

    IT IS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN!!!!!! This Friday and Saturday is the 21st Annual Bower's Chile Pepper Festival!   Come on down and see Red Hawk Premium Pepper and lots of other fiery food purveyors. Just a reminder, IF I know you from THP, please remind me of your name / username because I'm...
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    HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!

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    review TASTINGTHEHEAT.COM's review of Red Hawk sauces

    A special thank you to Kendall Stadler of for the stellar reviews of four of our sauces!!! I believe his was the first review of our newest addition "GREEN MEANIE"       GREEN MEANIE AVOCADO HOT SAUCE from RED HAWK PREMIUM PEPPERS..  This great...
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    The new RED HAWK PREMIUM PEPPERS t-shirts have arrived!!!   Place your order today by emailing us at   Only $15 per t-shirt  
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    Red Hawk Valentine's Day sale (EXTENDED)

    What says I LOVE YOU better than causing your loved one physical discomfort???  Red Hawk Premium Peppers can help you with that!!! From now through Valentine's Day, each order comes with a FREE bottle of our seasonal sauce Evil Granny!!!   Evil Granny is a blend of our unripened superhots and...
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    The B*TCH is back!!!

    The 2015 batch of Red Hawk Premium Peppers' seasonal sauce Evil Granny has arrived!!! We take all of our green pods (primarily superhots and habanero types) and combine them with the tartness of Granny Smith apples and the sweet, earthiness of wildflower honey.    Order yours today by emailing...
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    auction Christopher Phillips hot sauce auction!!!

    Please support our fellow chilehead Christopher Phillips during his time of need. Chris (CMPMAN) was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia and has begun his fight to defeat it. To support my friend, I am offering a bottle of our new Green Meanie Avocado based sauce for auction. ALL proceeds...
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    CMPMAN powder auction....CANCELLED

    AUCTION CANCELLED. Please bid on the Christopher Phillips sauce auction.  
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    PAIN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IT'S BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!   The 2015 batch of Red Hawk Premium Peppers' PAIN powder is back in stock and available for order on! For those of you that don't know, PAIN powder is a blend of superhot placenta material that has finely grounded to powder. There are no...
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    The whole fam damily!!!

    Here's a picture of the entire 2015 Red Hawk Premium Peppers hot sauce line up!   (from right to left: Fire on the Mountain, Grounds for Divorce garlic sauce, Habanero Honey BBQ, B3, Grounds for Divorce XXX, Green Meanie, Strawberry Scorpion Sting, Holy Alimony superhot garlic, Wildfire, Tame...
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    GREEN MEANIE!!!!!!!

    Introducing our newest creation (drum roll).........GREEN MEANIE!!! This is a medium heat avocado and tomatillo based sauce. The heat comes from a combination of green jalapeños and Bhut Jolokia (ghost pepper). Only $7 per bottle by contacting me at  
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    Hey there THP-ers!!!   If you are coming by the Bowers Chile Pepper Festival this weekend (Sept 11-12th) make sure you stop by the Red Hawk Premium Peppers booth to try some of our spicy wares! Get a THP member discount simply by saying "THP" when you are purchasing an item at our stand!  ...
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    The way of the Dodo! Making way for new products.

    Attention all Red Hawk Premium Peppers fans and THP compatriots!!!   We are making way in our product line for a new addition (soon to be announced). Therefore, our B3 hot blueberry & banana sauce will be heading to the sauce archives. Although this is a great sauce and winner of a 2013 award at...
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    review Peppers & More review of Red Hawk's Evil Granny sauce!

    Another nice review of our seasonal sauce "Evil Granny" by Doug Spiros of Peppers & More
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    wanted WTB - Red ripe jalapenos

    Hello again everyone!   I'm in a bit of a pickle at this point in the season. We are almost completely out of our 2014 stock of red jalapenos (used in our cranberry pepper jam) and I'm in desperate need of some. If anyone sees red (ripe) jalapenos around or, please contact me as soon as...
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    Come join Red Hawk Premium Peppers and the 2nd Street Shooters Mummers troop this Saturday from 10 - 5 p.m. COME DOWN AND SHOW US YOUR STRUT!!!!! Location is 1438 S. Front Street, Philadelphia PA
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    Another nice nutrient deficiency guide

    This is one of the better illustrated guides I've seen.