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  1. Nicole

    Wishing you..

    A very Happy Easter to all you f8ckers, love you guys!! Xo Nicole
  2. Nicole


    Shout out to Primo for finding Johnny at the New Mexico show and hooking me up with Primo seeds!!!! Thank you it is much appreciated Nicole
  3. Nicole

    event Arizona Hot Sauce Expo

    First annual Arizona Hot Sauce Expo! Website will be published in a few weeks, vendor apps available within the month! Presented by: Heartbreaking Dawns and High River Sauces Where: Diablo Stadium, 2200 W Alameda Drive, Tempe AZ (across ASU campus) When: November 12 & 13 I'll post more...
  4. Nicole

    Tips and suggestions please!

    Hey all! I was an avid hot pepper grower when living in NY and NJ And through trail and error I'd say I had become pretty good at the craft. We moved to the Phoenix area and I am starting to plant some hot peppers. I have never planted in the ground in February so this is a whole new...
  5. Nicole

    What's up with that?!

    Let's see if I can figure out pic posting. If it works, Can anyone tell me the issue w this plant? Thanks!!! ❤️Nicole Thanks Juanito for assistance
  6. Nicole

    Hello all!

    My grow season outdoors has begun as we have recently moved from NJ to Arizona☀️!!!!! I love this blog and want to get involved again, as deaths in the family and pregnancy/birth/toddler has kept me with small boring gardens. My daughter is now 2 1/2 and we built her her own raised bed; all...
  7. Nicole

    Is this possible?

    I've heard of digging up flowers, drying them, and then planting them the following year. Is this possible to do with pepper plants? Thanks Xo Nicole
  8. Nicole

    Need advice!

    Hello friends!! We moved into our new home in November, and having not spent warm months here yet I am unaware of the soil foundations here. When I planted my peppers I did cover the existing soil with a blend of manure, top soil, and miracle grow type soil (this is the mix I successfully use...
  9. Nicole

    50% off promo code

    In celebration of July 4th Heartbreaking Dawns is offering 50% off your entire order! Use "liberty13" at checkout to receive your discount!! Xo enjoy Nicole
  10. Nicole

    event Scott Roberts Ultimate Hot Sauce Showdown

    Not sure if anyone has seen this, but Scott is looking for "best hot sauce nominations" I thought it'd be appropriate to post here. This isn't an HBD promotion so please don't think I am posting this for your vote, Im interested to see everyones favorites and what they nominate! Here's the...
  11. Nicole

    Need Advice Please!

    To make a long story short, we are moving some time between now and June (depending on when we find a house). I usually start seeds before xmas and I still have not entertained the idea. The reason is because I feel like we are in limbo and I would be more pissed if I started seeds and they...
  12. Nicole

    Hurricane Sandy Relief

    Greetings all!! We are in Northern NJ and have seen devastation surrounding us everyday from the storm. We have had no power since Monday, getting gas is insane; people are getting into fist fights at the gas station, people are waiting in lines at gas stations that are empty waiting for the...
  13. Nicole

    The 2012 Olympics!

    Hey everyone! I haven't really ever been to much into the olympics but this year I have watched a little bit. I'd like to hear what your views and interests are...below is some of mine!!! I do enjoy watching some of the equestrian events. It's been difficult for me to watch them because of...
  14. Nicole

    I'm BaAaAcCk!

    Hello friends! It has been way to long since I have been active on this site and it feels good to be back. I have been super busy with juggling the business (filling orders, doing demos and events, etc), experiencing several deaths in my family this past year, being newly married, being a...
  15. Nicole

    Harvesting Question

    Hello! It has been a while since I've visited this site but I have a question.. Does anyone have a resource for information (or feel like writing about it) regarding harvesting seeds from a variety of plants? Such as flowers, trees, etc? Thanks! Nicole
  16. Nicole

    seeds Seedlings

    So far I have about 20 Bhuts that are a good size, about 20 scorpion butch t and 15 brain strain (moruga). This year I am disappointed in the lack of plants Ive started. Im a little pissed that I allowed myself to become overwhelmed with school and life that I haven't given enough care to the...
  17. Nicole

    misc looking for bubble wrap source

    Hello! We have been flying through bubble wrap recently and I am interested in sourcing better pricing. Where do you get your bubble wrap from, or where do you suggest gettin it from?? Thanks for the help! xo Nicole
  18. Nicole

    44%+ off HBD three pack! INCLUDES SUPERHOTS

    Hello all!! We have been working with Groupon for a while now working out the best deal to offer, and today the deal has gone live!!! You can purchase our original three pack and/or our three pack of superhots. The deal is on until we exceed the maximum or if we dont exceed it will be...
  19. Nicole

    Grow Log 2012

    Greetings! I am starting a grow log for this season since I just started some seeds! For 48 hours I soaked bhut jolokia seeds in water and yesterday I sowed them in soil. I have 15 going above a heat mat. Ironically, it snowed for the first time this season yesterday! I began bhut seeds...
  20. Nicole

    What do you know about the Bahamas?

    Johnny and I are going to the Bahamas and we were wondering if anyone on here was from the Bahamas or if anyone had any suggestions of "must see" or "must do" things while on the islands. We will be spending a day in Grand Stirrup Cay and a day in Nassau. Let me know, Thanks! xo Nicole ...