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  1. AndyW

    Fastest/slowest ripening pepper?

    So I was looking at my "fooled you" jalapeƱos that formed green pods like two months ago with not one ripe still, and I wondered: What's your fastest and slowest ripener? Those heatless jalas are my slowest, while my fastest are probably my little crossed Black Prince followed by my "probably...
  2. AndyW

    Weird Combinations?

    I've seen a lot of really interesting fruit-pepper combinations recently, like blueberry ghost and peach/mango hab, and even pineapple with anything. But do you have any flavor combinations that you like that aren't all that common (unless it's an unreleased sauce project you'd rather keep under...
  3. AndyW

    favorite Favorite bonnet?

    The current thread in the Growing section titled "Scotch Bonnet List" had me thinking: what's your favorite bonnet or cross (ex: sb7j, elysium oxide) and why? Taste, look, heat, production, etc.
  4. AndyW

    What peppers can you get locally?

    Where I'm from, most people tend to think that bell peppers are on the spicy side so most mainstream markets don't have much to choose from in spice. I found a pack of habaneros at Walmart once years before I started growing and that's about it (side note I grew the seeds out and they were the...
  5. AndyW

    favorite Favorite fresh-eating pepper?

    I love the habanero taste fresh, but I'm a lightweight when it comes to gnawing on that kinda heat outside in the heat. Habanero used to be my favorite, but this year I grew lemondrops and absolutely love the flavor! The heat is also very manageable. What's your favorite pepper to eat fresh and...
  6. AndyW

    hybrid What crosses have you started this year?

    I'm pretty new to crossing. I tried a couple times last year and destroyed the pistil each time. On a whim the other day, I grabbed a flower from my lemondrop plant, opened up and removed the stamens from a "Fooled You" JalapeƱo flower, and did some pollination and marked the bud. A couple days...
  7. AndyW

    chinense NuMex Suave Orange, Trick-or-treat, pink hab, Habanada etc.?

    So from reading these all seem to be extremely similar. Has anyone grown multiple and have any feedback on the similarities/differences between them or simply which you prefer? Edited to fix the title (autocorrect)
  8. AndyW

    Pepper flavor

    So I see a lot of peppers being described as one or more of the following: grassy, floral, and fruity. Like for example, ghosts are extremely floral, unripe peppers tend to be "grassy", etc. Do you find that how they're usually described match up to your personal experience? Like for example...
  9. AndyW


    So I never had any luck with using cut up blinds as plant tags. No matter what I tried, everything seemed to just rub or rinse right off. I also didn't want to invest in metal tags, so I came up with a cheaper solution. It also avoids any runoff of nail polish for those who use that method to...
  10. AndyW

    Cleaning grinders

    This may or may not be the right section, but I was just wondering how most of you clean out your grinders. I got mine used at a second-hand store, so it doesn't have any bells and whistles. Just a lid that comes off. Definitely doesn't seem like something to submerge. I'm guessing a lot of you...
  11. AndyW

    Wild fruit ID?

    Well, may or may not be wild. There are also blackberry bushes nearby that have been there since I can remember (first year fruiting though!). All I really know is that the fruits are sour and they seem to have a single seed in the middle. I'm sure they're probably immature/unripe. Edit: I...
  12. AndyW

    What's this?

    I'm not sure what to say other than hopefully this isn't bacterial/viral. I've had a ton of ants this year for some reason, and I'm afraid either they (or the pests they've been protecting) have brought on some kind of disease. I've stripped less-than-stellar leaves off of a couple nursery...
  13. AndyW

    Bahamian peppers?

    There's a slight possibility that I may be able to visit the Bahamas within the next couple of months. Aside from the Bahamian goat, as well as any scotch bonnet I see, does anyone have any tips on what to look out for when it comes to peppers? Tips on where to possibly get them would also be...
  14. AndyW

    shopping Store-bought peppers

    Has anyone ever noticed some peppers bought from the store that seem really different from what you've grown? I bought a few habaneros at a Cooke's grocery store and, well, they're different than what I've had. They don't have the nice fruity flavor, they seem hotter, and the smell reminds me of...
  15. AndyW

    Hot stuff in Cozumel

    So, I might possibly be going on a cruise to Cozumel some time this year, so I was wondering if there's any good place to eat/market to find some good hot food or peppers. Any input's appreciated.
  16. AndyW

    chinense Bonnie Golden Ghost

    I saw one of these at my local Walmart and picked one up. Does anyone know anything about it? Is it a normal yellow bhut or some weird cross? It seems to be new to Bonnie, as they don't have a page for it up and running.
  17. AndyW

    Most Anticipated Variety

    What pepper(s) are you looking forward to the most this year? Mine is probably the P. Dreadie. It has a wonderful story and I've heard it described as a great pepper.
  18. AndyW


    Anyone play an instrument or two? I mainly play trumpet but dabble in most brass.
  19. AndyW

    Oldest pod on the plant

    What's the longest you've had a pod survive on a plant? I've had the same reaper pod on my overwinter since late September/early October. Please excuse the subpar photography and plant health. It was slightly neglected for a while.
  20. AndyW

    Edible nightshades?

    What are your favorite edible nightshades/which are you growing? Outside of the common ones like tomatoes/peppers/etc. They're pretty foreign to me, but I'm growing ground cherries this year and thinking about pulling the trigger on seeds for tubocapsicum anomalum