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  1. Pepper Merchant

    The 2022 PM Grow Log

    It may not be the cleanest plot, but it's well organized and they are finally in the ground! Having been our first year with the tiller there are a number of things I would do differently that should enable us to set up quickly next year. That is provided we did not over do it this year.
  2. Pepper Merchant

    Bold Badger 2022 Grow Log - 2k plants, zero planning

    Great setup, sorry to hear about the animals eating your plants. We had a similar issue with deer at the end of season about 4 years back that just led to buying mass amounts of 8ft fence. Looking forward to seeing the plants in bloom.
  3. Pepper Merchant

    greenhouse Upgraded greenhouse

    Wow this looks like a great upgrade! Being in Ontario as well I cant imagine the price of maintaining 10c over the winter.
  4. Pepper Merchant

    HeatMiser's 2022 Glog

    You have me thinking I may use rockwool next year! The grow looks good!
  5. Pepper Merchant

    SineNomine 2022

    Plants look great!
  6. Pepper Merchant

    Sulsa's 2022 grow log

    Wow great looking setup you have going on there!
  7. Pepper Merchant

    The 2022 PM Grow Log

    And we are out in the tent. Half day outside on a cloudless day without any issues. Full day tomorrow and then they will be out there (temps permitting) until plant out ~May 24th. I cant take all the credit the cold frame really does filter the right amount of light.
  8. Pepper Merchant

    The 2022 PM Grow Log

    Thank you Paul, its been a good pace for us in terms of adding more space to explore new kinds of peppers to share. Hope all is well with you.
  9. Pepper Merchant

    The 2022 PM Grow Log

    Things are starting to take shape here. Nearly 20 days until plant out means we need to prep the expanded space and get everything read. On the left you can see out area we had put together last year and will use again this year for potted stock. On the right we have a new bed prepared for...
  10. Pepper Merchant

    The 2022 PM Grow Log

    Quick update on the grow. In about 2 weeks we will move the plants outside into the cold frame. Lots of progress indoors, cant wait to do a final recount and share with everyone here the types we have going.
  11. Pepper Merchant

    The 2022 PM Grow Log

    Thanks Paul! Hope everything is well on your end.
  12. Pepper Merchant

    The 2022 PM Grow Log

    Update, Its been 28 days and we just managed to get all the peppers into the pots they will reside in until they are planted out. Doing this kind of work early in the year gives me a break when we start syrup in the next 30d so neither the syrup or the plants will get neglected. We finally set...
  13. Pepper Merchant

    Thinking about how more varieties I need this season...

    Thinking about how more varieties I need this season...
  14. Pepper Merchant

    New Member - Long Time Gardener

  15. Pepper Merchant

    PaulG 2022

    Paul your on a roll!
  16. Pepper Merchant

    The 2022 PM Grow Log

    Haha I got them from AliExpress they were the cheapest items that perfectly fit the 72cell inserts.
  17. Pepper Merchant

    The 2022 PM Grow Log

    Day 10 - Grow Update. So far we are at 35-45% germ in all our trays. I have been taking the domes off and using these little pill containers to keep the moisture on the cells that have yet to sprout only returning the domes at night. So far its working well!
  18. Pepper Merchant

    CaneDog 2022 Glog

    The plants already look like they are off to a great start CD!
  19. Pepper Merchant

    PepperSproutFarm 2022

    Looks like a great start to the year! Cant wait to see them all come up!
  20. Pepper Merchant

    PaulG 2022

    Everything is looking great Paul!