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    CAPCOMS 2020 glog

    I pretty much took the year off as I did not plant a single seed for 2019. All I had were overwinters that I neglected a bit and due to a poor summer did not produce anything to speak of.2019 is over and I am looking forward to 2020 for several reasons. But politics aside I will address the...

    lighting Time for a new lighting system

    I have had my current 1000w HPS/MH system for 6 years now. (see below).      My current system accommodates my 110 sq ft room.   I am not keen on LED for a few reasons. 1 I find LED hard on the eyes and I spend a lot of time in the grow room. 2.The do not produce as much heat, a byproduct of...

    overwintering My over winters

    A couple before and after pics of my over winters from this year. Getting tons of flowers and even some pods starting to form on some.    

    wine Wine making, getting started

    I have always had a fondness for wine. And it usually becomes most profound when I am savoring a glass full. I was fortunate to be offered a bottle of cranberry wine a couple years ago which became an absolute hit at the Thanksgiving day dinner table. And sometime early that same year I had a...

    Interesting variation

    I have a line of 7 Pot Burgundy that I have tried to keep over the past 3 years. My best attempt at this, at present is my 2 year old 7 Pot Burgundy bonchi candidate plant.     I grew OP seed from this plant this year and was puzzled when one of my plants exhibited purple stems and leaves...

    artwork New hot sauce startup considerations

    I have never really considered getting into hot sauce making, til now. That said, I have also never looked into any of the requirements either physical or business structured.   For those already involved and looking back at how you evolved, what are your recommendations? What would you have not...

    Chocolate Primo

    This is the 1st Chocolate Primo of 2018 from my over winter plant.      

    event CHILI-CON

    I haven't eaten anything remotely hot but as I type this I feel tingly all over like that of an endorphin high.    Roughly 4 years ago I made mention of promoting a chili fest as an item in my bucket list. It has been on my mind ever since and has now become a seedling of an accomplishment of...

    1st AACT

    I am prepping for my 1st attempt at AACT. I have a few ingredients in the mail yet.  1st question that comes to mind is, is it beneficial to put the most air possible into the tea to hyper stimulate the aerobic bacteria or does it not matter at a certain point? I am contemplating the use of a 20...
  10. CAPCOM

    Reveiw of my 1st batch of spicy venison jerky by Johnny Scoville

    I just came across this a couple weeks ago. I had posted on FB that I was making some spicy venison jerky and Johnny requested that I send him some. I didn't have time to marinate it like I wanted to but did so with chocolate Primo and Bhutlah DM flakes for about an hour.  ...
  11. CAPCOM

    Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. NOT

    many methods out there for the extrication of chestnuts from their shells, hulls or whatever. I just picked up a pound of them for my Beef Wellington recipe and was wondering if anyone has a time saving method of doing so. I would like to at the same time of extraction preserve texture and...
  12. CAPCOM

    seed-train Seed Train opinions and feedback

    With the conclusion of the final train imminently approaching, I am curious about participants opinions. After all, I certainly dont conduct these for my health and I contribute far more seed than I ever remove. So it must be my obsession of spreading the variety of taste and heat where ever...
  13. CAPCOM

    Joomla expert needed

    I am looking for someone knowledgeable with Joomla and able and willing to lend support and or advice. I am not a web designer and have been wasting time trying to do it all myself. And not doing it.    
  14. CAPCOM

    Christmas Dinner, whats in your plans?

    Throwing this one out there just cause I started planning for this years Christmas Dinner already. I picked up a huge beef tenderloin tonight for my Beef Wellington. I have been watching these for years and never come across one like this. Nice and clean and weighing in at 6.5 lbs. I could...
  15. CAPCOM

    pests APHIDS!

    So, it has come to this.   What follows will undoubtedly have some of you shaking your heads in disbelief and I really couldn't blame you.   I would gladly take an aphid infestation off someones hands right now. Yes, you read correctly. If someone showed up on my doorstep with a plant melting...
  16. CAPCOM

    Moldy pods

    I have gotten them, I know anyone else who has contact with moderate volumes of pods has also gotten them. I myself generally toss them without a second thought. anyone else?   Are they really not good or just a figment of our imagination. what about volume producers? I am certain they do not go...
  17. CAPCOM

    Chocolate ID

    I am not even going to toss specific names into this as, just the mere mentioning of varieties taints the pool of your seasoned theories. I came home from work last week and a nice box of mostly chocolate peppers was waiting for me. Among them was this group that I have segregated for possible...
  18. CAPCOM

    event Chili meet

    I mentioned this some time back and it seemed to get a favorable response. So, I am going to throw it out again and based on the feedback I will determine whether or not to seriously pursue it.   There are a lot of chiliheads/ chili cultivars in the Midwest. We know many of them from our...
  19. CAPCOM

    ISO or Isolation specific

    Hopefully this thread can stay on course and not inadvertently stray from topic. Next season I an going to attempt to implement some isolation strategies. One of which will be gluing the flowers shut prior to them opening. The other unfortunately is an added expense. I will have to construct...
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    Yes, I am so interested in putting 2017 behind that I am looking forward to 2018 this much. I will be throwing a knuckle ball going into 2018. I am procuring seed from reliable sources only and will be implementing various isolation methods as to continue a sound seed stock for future seasons. I...