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  1. Petrac

    Petrac 2020

    So, last year growing season was a blast for me. I hope this year it wont be much different. I ordered seeds from 2 different companies, one pacage arrived this week. First four in the list are now in the soil. I had to stop myself from ordering more seeds..Its just so addictive looking through...
  2. Petrac


    Anybody else here grows avocados? I have only one plant left, since i forgot to bring others inside before frost. I dont grow it to get any fruit from it, since we dont have the climate for it. But it sure is a nice little plant. On this one there is a few leaves missing, i cut the off today...
  3. Petrac

    Classified adds - trading

    Greetings!  I apologise if this topic already exists, i couldn't find it but i think we need topics, strictly moderated ment only for trading seeds between members, but also focused on our region. I believe we all agree, that its pointless for someone from US to trade seeds with someone from...
  4. Petrac

    2019 Grow in Slovenia, europe

    Greetings all!   This is my first thread and im planning to write about this year hot peppers grow in Slovenia, Europe. At the moment, we are in the middle of winter, temperatures reaching -15 degrees Celsius and i already started on seedlings for next year. Im planning to grow several different...
  5. Petrac

    Hello from Slovenia, Europe

    Greetings from Slovenia, Europe!   I'm college student from slovenia, who enjoys growing peppers and all other types of plants. I grow chillies for a few years, but this year i will grow about 15 different strains. I will write a few grow reports. Unfortunatly here we dont have any forums...