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  1. FGpepperguy

    bottles-jars 24-414 plastic caps for woozy bottles

    I bought some 5oz woozy bottles with caps on Amazon. The caps they sent are horrible and don't fit the bottles. I think the standard woozy cap size is called 24-414. The threads are poor and they will strip when you try and tighten on the bottle. Anyhow, everywhere I look for caps they are...
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    recipe Post your hot sauce recipes

    I searched and didn't see a thread about just posting recipes. I'll continue to add ones I've made here. I also made Pex's Atomic Purple, but not going to post as it didn't seem right. Gangrene 415g Smoked Poblanos and Jalapenos - skins and seeds removed (as much as I could) 185g Vinegar 62g...
  3. FGpepperguy

    pics Rippin Ballz Hot Sauce

    I gave some hot sauce away a few years ago. Made up some stupid names. This was one of them. My buddy just sent me a Christmas gift. Don't think the brand name would fly if I wanted to retire and go into the food biz though....
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    Red Hot Recipes

    I swear there was a red hot recipes section on the forum, wasnt there?
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    Does anyone have some UMCD seeds?

    I had a bunch of seeds but gave them all away on the last few trains.  Does anyone have any that they would be willing to part with?
  6. FGpepperguy

    hot-sauce Trader Joe's Green Dragon Hot sauce

    My wife picked up a bottle of this a few weeks ago.  I think it tastes great and use it in vegetable juice.  I just picked up another two bottles yesterday.  Has anyone else tried it?
  7. FGpepperguy

    SB7J Jelly

    Approx 24 oz SB7J's 4 cups apple cider vinegar 12 cups sugar 4 packs of liquid pectin   Got 16, 8 oz jars.  They were out of 4 oz jars at Bimart!   The jars on the right are jalapeno puree  
  8. FGpepperguy

    for-sale Pepper Powders for Sale

    Prices are $5 for a 0.5 oz bag.   Shipping is $3 for under 2 ounces.  Over 2 ounces shipping is free.  For US customers only.   From left to right, then top to bottom (these are the bulk bags, not 0.5 oz) 1st row Piment d'Espelette Jalapeno Pimenta de Neyde Aji Limon Habanero   2nd row Peach...
  9. FGpepperguy

    Jalapeno and Serrano hot sauce recipe

    I had some jalapenos and serranos that I needed to use.  Seeded the jalapenos and smoked them on the Traeger.  Followed the recipe here.  Doubled it due to the amount of jalapenos I had.  Tastes pretty good!   Finished...
  10. FGpepperguy

    Why is my jelly runny?

    I followed the recipe using two liquid pouches (two- 3 oz pouches for a total of 6 oz) of pectin in 2 cups ACV and 6 cups sugar.  My jelly is still super runny.  Anyone else have this problem?    
  11. FGpepperguy

    Peach Habanero and Pineapple sauce

    Ok here we go!   - peach habs - juice of 1 lime (not two as shown in the pic) - carrots - sweet onion - garlic - pineapple (I put in 456g in and then another 74g) - 1 cup of rice vinegar (I debated white wine vinegar) - 1/4 cup of agave nectar     Habs seeded                
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    Show the weight of your tomato

  13. FGpepperguy

    Smoked Jalapeno and Blackberry sauce

    Smoked some green Jalapenos on the Traeger on 200 deg F Then into the blender along with: Juice of 1 lime Big Handful of blackberries Some honey Organic apple juice  A little white vinegar   Blend it for 5 minutes Bring it to a boil, then run through a fine food mill. Then back to the pot to...
  14. FGpepperguy

    Pure Evil Dill Pickles

    Brine: 1/4 cup pickling salt 2 cups apple cider vinegar 4 cups water   (scale the brine for as much as you need)   In half pint jars: 1 head of dill 1/8 tsp of alum (alternative is to use grape leaves) 1 tsp of red pepper flake 3 cloves crushed garlic pack jar tightly with cucumbers 5 drops of...
  15. FGpepperguy

    Jays PGS x Primo 7 F3

    Anyone growing these as also?  
  16. FGpepperguy

    Pimenta de Neyde x Naga Suomi F1

    Do these actually turn red as per Chris Phillips?     Here is what mine look like. All sorts of crazy purple.  This is one cool plant!
  17. FGpepperguy

    Orchid Mantis?   Anyone know anything ab​out these? ​
  18. FGpepperguy

    Blackberries in sauce

    My wife and I picked a huge bucket of blackberries today. Some will be for cobbler but most will be for sauce. Rick's sauces have blackberries and his recipes are amazing in sound and taste. Any other favorites out there!
  19. FGpepperguy

    Isolating individual peppers with glue

    There have been a few posts about doing this so I thought I'd give it a try.  I think it works pretty well.   First I took some small zip ties and painted them bright orange.  I put them in a cardboard box and sprayed paint in it and swirled the zip ties around a bit.  Then dumped them out on a...
  20. FGpepperguy

    Any interest for this hot sauce?

    Well I made a ton of sauces last year and I thought they were crap.  I gave all of them to my dad and he thought they were good (coming from a dad).....  The only ones I didn't give to him were my CHP, except he took the 5 oz bottle before he left my house today.  I'm not sure if it is good...