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  1. buddy

    Hopefully Back In Action

    Hello to all.  I've been inactive for a long time - apologies for not sharing reasons.  Hoping to re-engage with my past, present, and future Hot Pepper enthusiasts,  Take care and stay healthy.   TJP  (aka buddy)
  2. buddy

    Need Help With An ID

    Any thoughts on what this might be?  Friend gave it to me . . . was supposed to be a chocolate scorpion.  Pod is an even 30 grams.  All pods on plant are close to this size.           I haven't cut it open yet.  Thanks in advance.   TJP
  3. buddy

    Seed Fundraiser - Christopher Phillips

    To:  All THP members.   Subject: Fund raising event to benefit Christopher Phillips   We are auctioning off a huge assortment of seeds for the benefit of Christopher Phillips. Offering includes seeds from some of our best purveyors, some non-isolated seeds, some interesting crosses, and some...
  4. buddy

    auction Another Update - Christopher Phillips Seed Auction

    Subject: Epic seed auction to benefit Christopher Phillips 3 of my brothers (not too hard to figure out who they are) and I are going to auction off a huge assortment of seeds for the benefit of Christopher Phillips. There will be more than 350 varieties available, including seeds from some of...
  5. buddy

    Holiday Ornament

    Found this at a local specialty store:  
  6. buddy

    Red Rocoto Jelly

    Courtesy of Mr. John Lackey:   Red Rocotos Sugar AC Vinegar Lemon Juice Liquid Pectin  
  7. buddy

    event Winner: Buddy's Taco Sauce Contest

    The Prize: 4 jars taco sauce, 2 bottles ferments, anything else I have that I may be able to put in the box. Eligibility: Have a minimum of 25 posts and have a shipping address in the Continental USA. The Rules: select a number between 000 and 999. Post the number to this thread no later than...
  8. buddy

    event Taco Sauce Contest

    Thinking about having a contest where the winner gets 4 jars of taco sauce and a couple for bottles of fermented sauce . . . and maybe a couple of surprises.
  9. buddy

    Shrimp Stuffed Rellanos

    Roasted (then peeled) a few Poblanos (prefer Anaheims but didn't have any):     Dry-roasted a few shrimp:     Mix of shrimp, Monterey Jack, Fonina, Cheddar, Aji Limon, Serrano, Garlic, fresh sweet corn, Onion, Cilantro.     Fried in egg/cornmeal mixture . . . the pictures don't look so good -...
  10. buddy


    Just got back from a business trip to Japan.  I was fortunate enough to receive a bottle of kokuto shochu (on the left) and a bottle of sake (on the right (to be served cold)) as gifts.  The kokuto (black sugar] was a nice gift as it, along with imo shochu (sweet potato),  are my favorites.  
  11. buddy

    Quinoa Shrimp with Wayright's Shirt and Thai

    Fired up a very spicy shrimp and quinoa "casserole" tonight.  Used my last of Kevin's (wayright) Shirt and Thai powder.  As this is my all-time favorite powder, I use it sparingly.  Unfortunately, I am now officially out.  Nonetheless, it went to good use and let me create dinner using the...
  12. buddy

    Ferment Give Away - Winner

    Here it is - (much like my past contests) guess the winning number of the Illinois State Lottery Pick 3 game (no Fireball) for the Thursday, March 12th evening game.  Pick a number from 000 to 999  All picks must be posted to this by 8:00 CST on Thursday, March 12th.  In the event that no one...
  13. buddy

    buddy's 2015 Grow

    I have been overcome by events and do not think that I will grow anything this year.  I have started 0 seeds and do not think that I will be in a position to start anything soon enough to support the 2015 season.  Maybe I will buy a few live plants and grow a minimal amount this year.  For those...
  14. buddy

    Kung Pao Shrimp - With My New Wok

    Kung Pao Shrimp - the 1st thing made in my new wok.  Very spicy!   Sauce: Soy sauce Sweet soy sauce Cornstarch Water White pepper Black vinegar Turbinado sugar     Stir fry: Oil Ginger Red bell pepper Thai chiles (I used 15 and it made my nose run!) Shrimp Roasted peanuts Green onions          
  15. buddy

    New Wok

    Bought a wok yesterday.  Seasoned a wok today.  Can't wait to try it out!  
  16. buddy

    Mongolian Beef

    Thinly sliced flank steak. Coated with corn starch and Aleppo powder and let sit 15 minutes. Made sauce with:  soy sauce, water, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, Hoisin sauce. Stir fried meat. Added sauce to meat. Added onions to meat and sauce. Served over rice noodles. Tip:  Remove Mongolian Beef...
  17. buddy

    Southwestern Egg Rolls a la Chiles

    My daughters recently took me to Chile's restaurant - we had their southwestern egg rolls as an appetizer.  I liked them and decided that I could probably make them myself.  Here they are (sorry but I didn't take any in process pictures)   Ingredients:  buddy's version of spicy shredded chicken...
  18. buddy

    auction Buddy's Charity Auction - Closed

    I've never done an auction or sold anything before . . .  but, putting up some of my sauces/purees/jellies for auction.  Proceeds will go to a charity of my choice - I will announce the charity upon closing of the auction.  Minimum bid is $12.00 (to cover shipping).  Bids in whole dollars only...
  19. buddy

    Green Shrimp Curry

    Done with Thanksgiving . . . on with a nice shrimp curry:              
  20. buddy

    fermenting Buddy's Ferments - 2016 Season Has Started

    Here they are . . . not sure how they will end up, but it looks like they are all off to a good start: