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    fertilizer N-P-K Levels.

    Hi, sorry if this topic has already been discussed, but would anyone be able to tell me what N-P-K numbers I should be looking out for throughout the growing cycle in regards to feeding seedlings, young plants to the fruiting stage? I’m about to start some seedings off in the jiffy coir pellets...
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    health Nutrient problems, or dying plants?

    Hi all! This growing year has been a lot of learning and rewards, however there were a few bumps in the road along the way but managed to get the plants this far! I have noticed though that some of the plants have started to get yellowing on the leaves and now some flower buds are starting to...
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    Black Leaf Spot or Mould? HELP!!

    Hi all! This is my second year growing peppers and everyday seems to be a learning opportunity, however todays lesson doesn't feel like a good one! I noticed whilst watering my Aji Limon (the chilli I was most excited to grow) that there were some leaved some big and some just past baby leaves...
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    Paper Lantern dropping leaves!

    Hi, I'm pretty new at the whole growing peppers world and I apologise if there is information already around. I have a few plants that were started in december and have been doing really well, they were bushy healthy looking plants but recently I've noticed that my paper lantern has started to...
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    Grow light help!

    Hi, Im going to try and grow some Chilli plants for the second time this year, and want to try and grow them earlier to increase the harvest period. Last year I ran into some problems due to low light levels when the seedlings were growing and ended up with very leggy seedlings which I did...
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    Temperature issues

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone could tell me what to do, its my first year growing chillies and have had all of my plants produce fruit apart from one. I have a Bhut Jolokia which is just starting to produce flower pods but the days are getting shorter and the nights colder and was...
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    Ripening Chillies.

    Hi there, This is my first season growing chillies and so far has gone pretty well! However the weather started off quite well giving off nice hot days but the last two weeks we haven't had the hottest of temperatures around 15-19oC. The plants i have are Bhut Jolokia (Still waiting for fruit)...
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    Planting Medium

    Hi, I was wondering what soil mix everybody uses to plant up their chilli plants? what you use for drainage, fertiliser, compost mixes etc?   Thanks.
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    Bhut Jolokia

    Hi there, This is my first season growing chillies from scratch and having more success than I originally thought I would in my first year. However, the Bhut Jolokia chillies that I sewed in early February and germinated in around 20 days. I put them in to second pots to harden them off before...
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    UV Lamps and bulbs!

    Hi all,   I'm sorry if this topic has already been asked but I'm pretty new to growing chillies and was wondering what is a good bulb to get? the weather in the UK where I live is not that dependable so whenever there is a decent day i will place them in a shaded area as their not fully hardened...
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    seeds Seedlings have flopped!

    Hi all,   I'm sorry if this topic has already been asked, but some of the seedlings i have grown are flopping! It's my first time growing from seed so there is a lack of experience, but I sowed some New Mex Twilight, some Fire crackers and some Bhut Jolokias. They all started off nicely in a...
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    Hi I have a prairie fire that has done brilliantly so far, but now has slowed with flowering and so I was wondering if there is something I can do to encourage more flowering? I know its getting late into the season but just want to try and keep it producing for as long as possible! Its fed...
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    Looking sick

    Hi I currently have a problem with one of my chilli bushes, it started off very well and has produced a lot of nice fruits! But recently the plant isnt looking as well as it once was. It has stopped flowering and the leaves are starting to loose colour, it still has some chillies ripening and...
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    Help and advise

    Hi all, Im new to the whole chilli growing scene and have a few questions! I currently have a Basket of fire chilli bush that is doing quite well seeing its my first attempt. My questions are really about feed, soil and how much to water! The bush is currently in a 5L pot with some standard...
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    Newbie that’s just starting out!

    Hi everyone, Im a new member here and have just started to grow chillies! A little background of my story so far! ( if your interested! ) Im originally from Zimbabwe and grew up eating hot chillies that were grown in our garden, but moving from there to the Uk when I was younger we stopped...