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    indoor White powder fungi, two pepper plants indoors, any fix?

    Hello, I have mango aji and a johnny nardello growing from seed, they are indoors on a high rise and they have developed a white powdery sticky substance that is killing the leaves, pretty much all the leaves have it. I read this is a fungi that is caused by water splashing when watering and or...
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    mango aji and peach sugar rush pepper seeds - any experience with them?

    Hello all, I am getting some mango aji round pepper seeds as well as sugar rush peach pepper seeds and some pineapple aji rocoto seeds. I planted some aji pineapple seeds and I really liked the peppers.  I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the mango, peach or pineapple rocoto. I...
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    best pepper for arrabbiata sauce?

    Hello all, second post! I am in search for the best or ideal pepper usually used for arrabbiata sauce. I googled the recipe but I was not happy with a western copy and I went to the root, I googled the Italian recipe(or one of the many recipes, Roman version), the recipe calls for a peperoncino...
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    Hello from Miami in STL, MO

    Hello all, first post, and new to growing peppers. I am currently growing several, Ali pineapple, red Marconi, peperoncini, habanero, cayenne, Serrano. Looking for the best pepper to make arrabbiata sauce. :-)