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  1. DudeThtsBad

    labels Label Printing

    Does anybody have a label maker/printer at home that they use and can recommend?   If not, any referral to some good label manufacturers, trying to make labels for hot sauces and spices! Thanks in advance! 
  2. DudeThtsBad

    Identifying wild peppers from a jungle in Kerala, India

    Hello everyone! I have just returned home from an amazing trip to India!  While following some locals to a river in Kerala, I came across a few peppers plants growing maybe 100 feet from the river!  There seemed to be three different varieties growing! I harvested as many ripe ones as possible...
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    Pretty inspiring Ted Talk about gardening

    I came across this Ted Talk and shared it on my facebook page it's about starting gardens in LA and just anywhere that has extra land. Thought some of you might appreciate it      Here's a link to my post   Here's a...
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    preservation Best way to preserve a home hotsauce?

    Hey THP!   My grandpa invited a homemade hot-sauce about 25 years ago that we use in our family restaurants in the Los Angles area. Unfortunately, this sauce only has a shelf life of a 3-7 days. It has been out a family goal to sell this hot sauce on a larger scale, hopefully starting off in...
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    Quick question..

    is it time to transplant? all my plants with this batch are still small and none are flowering, except this one
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    what the.... D:

    aaahh, I dunno how this happened I was gone for one day & all these cups were full of growing plants here & when I come back home, maybe 12 hours later, they have plants missing.. when I looked closely, they look like this does anybody know why it did this and any possible solutions...
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    Facebook anybody?

    To anybody that has a Facebook, I welcome you to like this page! It's a community of people that likes growing hot peppers! We talk, ask question, and post pictures! Thanks!
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    Question : Do you guys think these will come back?

    Here are some plants from last season. Over winter they started losing leaves and looking like this. Some people say they are dead, and some say they'll be back, and some same it depends on the plant. Does anyone have an answer, or any advice how to get the best results? Here is what most of...
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    seeds Is this bad, orrr...? [Transplanted Seedling]

    Just recently transplanted this 11 day old Aji Limon plant and about 5 minutes later the leaves started curling. Does it still have a chance, and is there anything I could do to help save it? or anything to do to prevent this in the future? Aji Limon
  10. DudeThtsBad

    Question - New growth or....?

    Hey this is my tio plant that kinda lost all of it's leaves and branches over winter, but I still kept it watered Tio I see little things seeming to come out, but I can't tell. are these new leaves, or branches, or just nothing? I guess time will tell, but I'm sorta impatient. :P Tio close up
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    Facebook & Tumblr.

    hey, if anybody here has a Facebook or a tumblr, you guys should check out these pages! Facebook Tumblr & the tumblr has a little submission box, so you guys can submit your pictures there.
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    Is this a disease ?

    The base of my plants have these weird things like growing on it. Anybody know what it is ? I hope its not a disease. Its hard to really see it well in pictures, but it looks like this & here too
  13. DudeThtsBad

    free Free Tio Seeds !

    For those of you who dont know what a Tio is I can send you a full description if you'd like. PM me if your intrested. Here is picture & here is a picture of me next to the plant ! ps. if you send an SASE, i'll probably throw in other free stuff too ! ;D If you can, like my...
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    pics First Harvest a little small?

    So today I did my first ever harvest ! Here is a picturee ! & Well a lot of these peppers aren't as big as they normal get, but are ripe? so my question is, is that normal for a first harvest out of a plant?
  15. DudeThtsBad

    Weed that I was about to uproot.

    I was about to uproot this weed, and when I tried, it like stung my hand, so I look at it, and then I noticeed all these different kinds of fruit fly's stuck to it. I need need help determining if its good or bad. At first I thought this is awesomee ! all the fruit flies are dying & are stuck...
  16. DudeThtsBad

    Grow Log for the 2011 Summer.

    Kinda late, but I wanna start onee. Sewed a bunch of seeds and made my light box on June 5
  17. DudeThtsBad

    Sprouts !

    Was on vacation for two weeks, and my plants exploded when I got back ! wish me luckk !
  18. DudeThtsBad

    Making Cuttings?

    How do you make cuttings off of pepper plants? I know how to make one out of like normal trees & stuff, but I hear its pretty different with peppers. Can anyonee explain please?
  19. DudeThtsBad

    seeds Paper towel germination?

    Hey whats the advantage, if any to germinating with a paper towel, rather than straight into potting soil?
  20. DudeThtsBad

    New Way to label plants.

    Here is a new idea I thought of. I'm posting them partially to show you, and partially to show off my plants ! xD