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    DeadSilent ‘21-‘22 Pepper

    Hey Pepperheads! DeadSilent here starting a grow log for my so far 18 varieties of hot and super hot peppers! I will be adding 20+ when we get closer to 2022! As of today the majority of my seeds come from Baker Creek, but there are a few from Sherwood Seeds, Waylands Chiles, and Fatalii. I have...
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    media Homemade Soil Recipe and Questions

    How’s it growing pepperheads!? DeadSilent here and I guess you could say I’m an addict. I can’t stop buying different varieties of peppers. And I love mixing up my own batches of potting mix! I’ve already started 18 different varieties for next season. I’ll be keeping them inside over the...
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    Hello all!

    How’s it growing pepperheads!? DeadSilent here new to the forums! This is my first season growing hot and super hot peppers. This year I’m growing some Chocolate Jigsaw from Fatalii seeds, Apocalypse Scorpions, Ghost Peppers, and 7 Pot from Waylands Chiles. As well as some jalapeños, cayennes...