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    profit margins?

    Hi Guys & Ladies of course, Looking to take my product to the next step like many on here I presume: Being from NYC the market doesn’t seem as saturated as most places (south & south west) which is always good- Now here’s my question, I know a couple of you guys on here are...
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    bottling Bottling products that contains Mayo???

    Hi Guys, Long time lurker, just recent made an account and have only posted very few times-great community here though. To stat, I make a sauce to which I add some mayo after the sauce has cooked and cooled. It’s more of a condiment as it’s a little thicker than a straight sauce...
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    cayenne pepper

    Hey guys-I'm new here so dont kill me if this question has been asked 100 times before,i know how forums work haha-i searched but didnt find much. Anyone know where to find stores that sell fresh cayenne pepper's? I live in the north east pretty close to NYC. I've called/ been to 60+ stores...
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    cayenne pepper sauce recipes

    Hey guys, first off let me start by saying you have a great site here, Ive been making my own sauce recently that uses a base of franks red hot. I've been trying to make similar cayenne pepper sauce but havent come up/found with any thing great. Im using ground cayenne (so it is thinner than...