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  1. Dot Com

    Dot Com Super Hot 2018 GLOG

    1st seedlings Started in the last two weeks or so. Sprouted- Douglah, Barrackapore, Dorset, Guwahati, and three others not sprouted yet- bih jolokia, morich & yellow brain strain, that may or may not sprout.
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    lighting what color LED lights should I get to induce flowering?

    I have a fully mature plant that I want to continue growing indoors to get it to produce a pod. It was the last plant to mature.. Should I get white, red & blue, or full spectrum (red, blue, orange, and white)?   These are all 12x12 square panels w/225 LEDs in them   Thanks
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    Super Hot Pepper in The Simpsons

    funny    1:40
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    Dot Com 2017

    been away for a year changing careers but kept 4 over- winters (a couple of winters) alive. Looks like all 4 will make it          
  5. Dot Com

    DotCom's 2015 Glog

    Thought I'd get my seeds selected & Glog started.   Heres what I have in mind so far:   Assam Douglah (3rd attempt is a charm ;) ) 7-Pot Merlot Bhut Jolokia Red Naga Viper 7-Pot Primo (2nd attempt is a charm) Devil's Tongue JA Hot Chocolate   Will prolly add 1-3 more types depending on...
  6. Dot Com

    Interesting article in national magazine on peppers

    I thought there was some interesting historical data in it:  
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    Dot Com's 2014 balcony grow

    just gettin' ye old Glog started as I have some over winters & this late sprout from last season that I crowned last week:  
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    hot-sauce Saw this commercially available sauce in the market ystrdy...

    ... and snatched it up. Was aware of this Texas company before but never bought any because I gravitate towards hotter stuff & never saw anything from them on the shelves here hotter than jalapeno. Anyway, I saw their prominent end cap display (prolly because its super bowl weekend here in the...
  9. Dot Com

    grocery went to the asian grocer looking for...

    hot pepper-infused, coconut water & saw this instead.  :shocked:  Its as big as a bag of sakrete!  
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    Thoughts & prayers out to our Indian brethren because of cyclone

    I say this because, not only are they a close ally, their land (India & Bangladesh) is where some of the hottest peppers in the world come from among other attributes. Hope they are able to ride this out w/ as little damage to life & property as possible.  ...
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    Question about one of my non-producing, plants

    have a plant going on 2 yrs now and it hasn't produced a solitary pod. Give it the best dirt money can buy ;) and the best air and sunshine The Old Dominion has to offer and nothing. Just pruned it down for another over winter (can upload pic tomorrow) Cut it down to around 6" (It was 3 ft tall)...
  12. Dot Com

    pesticide blamed on mass bumblebee death

    just heard this on the radio. I believe it was sprayed on trees to combat aphids. They said they covered the trees w/ netting to prevent more deaths. Bumblebee's are good insects.   :,0,1466945.story  
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    greenhouse pron

    dream greenhouse ;)
  14. Dot Com

    Dot Com's 2013 Glog

    Just made it under the wire, 3 h 18 m to go to 2013 ;) New grow started using a light for the first time this year. Don't know how many will survive (fingers crossed) because my grow room is not a dedicated grow room & consequently the temp is not above 70. Click on pics for larger view. Not got...
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    flavor Anyone heard of the 4-7 day wait between pepper tests/taste?

    I ask because I saw one chili eater on youtube say that one should wait 4-7 days between pepper testing/tasting in order for capsacin receptors in mouth & throat to re-open. That way, one will get the full effect of the pepper. The reasoning makes sense to me but I'm wondering if it is in fact true?
  16. Dot Com

    greenhouse Nations greenhouse

    Was in washington last week to attend a mtg and my path took me by the U.S. Botanic Garden. pivoted 45 degrees to my right & took this shot w/ blooming trees. I didn't have time to go into the garden although I have been in there before.
  17. Dot Com

    Anyone here ever grow Dundicuts?

    I saw these at a local spice market :eek: & couldn't resist picking some up. From Pakistan. I tried one & they are definitely not as hot as say a Hab but they are still hot enough for me to use in dishes as I put Tabasco, Texas Pete Hotter hot sauce, Valentina Picante, etc... on many of the...
  18. Dot Com

    favorite My new favorite pepper to eat

    The Piquin pepper. :beer: Not too hot. :) I could do w/ a less smokey flavor but the heat is just right. I'll try to grow some in the near future. Mine are from the spice store (dried in a jar)
  19. Dot Com

    water Over-watered plants issue

    'ello. Here's the gist of my dilemma: went away on a week-long trip and it seems that my roommate was a tad too liberal in watering 3 of my plants. So much so that the developing flowers turned brown and died :( I was grateful that my roommate watched them for me considering that there are @ 12...
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    jalapeno storage question

    Wondering what to do w/ excess jalapenos as I can't eat them as fast as my 2 jalapeno plants are producing them. I was wondering if its possible just to place them on the counter to dry or are they too thick-walled of a pepper for that?