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    vendor Bell Pepper

    Hi Do anyone know some trustworthy seeds suppliers(European please) that have bell pepper white, black, Orange? thanks
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    chinense Good Looking scorpion

    Hi Great tate and  good looking What do you think?  no tail...
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    cooking Frozen Peppers

    hi I have a question about frozen peppers: Can i use frozen peppers to make hot souses? simple hot souses like put in the food processor some peppers, garlic, vinegar ... and go to simmer, sterilized bottle and go to the fridge. Thnaks
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    pH PH question

    Hello i have a question about hot sauce there is some simple way to see the ph without some expensive device ? i know about the ph paper but i read somewhere that's not recommend. thanks
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    Hello ;)

    Hello    For some time I have seen posts on the forum I have learned a lot of things from you all and now I decided to register. I have some types of chilli peppers like piri piri ...   Have a good day