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  1. Walchit

    Walchit 2022

    I wasn't going to do a garden this year, because I'm trying to get this Yukon back on the road, but I couldn't resist, lol. I have 4 bhuts and 4 jalape├▒os I picked up. Also some tomatoes and yellow squash, and a raised bed that I poked a bunch of bean seeds into. Want to get a couple pumpkins...
  2. Walchit

    Walchit 2020

    Tagged most of what I'm growing. Plus 1 type of sweet pepper we call the Goat D, a crossed version of primavera jalapeno,shishito,and Purple Thunder. Need to put everything up to 1 gallon pots. Only using 1 light so far. I have 3 each of the 15 types(some duplicates from different sources)and...
  3. Walchit

    smoking Anyone done a beef tongue?

    Got one from a friend, and have no idea what to do with it. Hoping someone here was a tongue afficianado lol.
  4. Walchit

    Capsaicin hat/lapel pins

    Just grabbed one of these, I kind of collect hat pins. Thought maybe some of you guys/gals might like to have one of your own. I don't think they are limited edition, but still cool none the less. Edit I think I...
  5. Walchit

    National green pepper day?

    I guess thats today. And underwear day lol.
  6. Walchit

    Smoke Somethin

    Got this char-griller premium kettle for my birthday, it says its a smoker too. So after a little research and about 40 bucks for charcoal baskets and a pizza stone I'm gonna give it a shot. Here's the kettle Charcoal baskets Modified grate out of my old grill, had to cut the sides off...
  7. Walchit

    Anyone used either of these ph meters?

    I just grabbed a hanna instruments meter for sauce making, wanted to get a good cheaper one,(for watering/feeding plants) even though these aren't a lot cheaper, I thought about grabbing one Apera Or Dr. Meter...
  8. Walchit

    Menards 1020 trays and coir bricks

    My local Menards has 1020 trays for .99 and coco coir bricks from burpee 2 for 4.00 I think I saw that the sale was going on till the 22nd or 23rd. I paid 1.50 a piece for trays at Greenhouse Megastore. And I just bought the coir from Menards for 2.97 a piece the other day. Figured I should...
  9. Walchit


    I was looking into growing my own Mycorrhizae and came across this info. Its says Epsom salts aren't good for the fungi. Also said cannabis in the presence of mycos removed heavy metals from the soil. That's cool unless your smoking it lol...
  10. Walchit

    Compost tea recipe for young plants?

    I got my compost tea kit today and I have the airstones going in a gallon of water right now. I was wondering if anyone had a good recipe for these plants. They vary in size from just cotys to 2 sets of true leaves. Materials available for the brew are: Worm castings Souluble kelp powder...
  11. Walchit

    Calcium and Magnesium

    This seems like some good info, calcium nitrate and magnesium sulfate can get locked up if mixed improperly.
  12. Walchit

    LED Shop Light 135 Watts (Ghetto Build)

    I had a hard time deciding what to do for my other 3 grow areas, found some 6 bulb T5 on Craigslist for 50 a piece, but the dude was kind of a butthead, and that would be 924 more watts. So I decided to see what 6 bulbs of LED would do first. Grabbed 3 of these from Wal-Mart($21.85 each) and...
  13. Walchit

    Walchit 2019

    Guess I will attempt to make a list for you guys this time around lol White hot peppers . Leviathan gnarly scorpion . Skunk chocolate . White hot lime . Scotch bonnet whpII . Ghost giant chocolate . Bbg7 pumpkin . Orange ribbon . Primo x lemon drop . Scotch bonnet cappuccino . Bhut...
  14. Walchit

    fermenting Ferment advice?

    My wife got me weights and silicon fermenter lids for Christmas. I want to use some frozen Jpgs and peaches in a sauce. Can I put frozen or canned peaches into a ferment? Are there any ingredients that I shouldn't ferment? I could always ferment the other ingredients and add the peaches...
  15. Walchit

    Homemade mustard HFH

    Been looking at some recipes, and wondering if I can hot fill and hold in woozy bottles if the ph is right. Also interested in how you guys would go about making the sauce. I want it to be a spicy mustard with a touch of honey. I'm about to go and find some mustard seed this morning
  16. Walchit

    What do you guys do with unripe pods?

    Its 40┬░ and raining, is it worth my time to pick as many pods as I can before it freezes today? Plants are loaded down with nicer pods than I've had all season, so I feel like its a waste to leave them in the garden to rot
  17. Walchit

    Grinders & Stretch Death Nectar

    Got this bottle at the Lettuce concert last night in Kansas City. The 4th ingredient is capsicum. I have a feeling it will destroy me. Edit: sorry I guess I took sideways pictures
  18. Walchit

    Bhuthead Andy's Hot Sauce

    Figured I would make a thread for my sauce. Working on this one that has been posted a couple times. Pumpkin Hot Sauce- Hot 1 can Pumpkin (~2 pounds) 5 # fresh red Peppers (Fresno, the generic red chiles from the supermarket) 2 bags Dried Cranberries (sweetened Craisins) 10 oz Sweet Onion...
  19. Walchit

    Labeled SFRB $20

    I sent out this box today. If anyone is interested I can pick in the morning and ship immediately. Continental US only.
  20. Walchit

    Mixed sfrb

    I have a few boxes I can get rid of. They will ship today until the post office is closed. Then first thing in the morning if not. $18 shipped. Continental U.S. only Box 1 Box 2 Box 3