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    co-packer Western bottlers or co-packer

    Any one know of a good and consistent co-packer/bottler that can handle bot large and small orders and has the ability to actually source products and not just some here and there. Would be great if near the Texas/Rocky Mtn region to service our west coast expansion for both of our sauce lines...
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    overwintering Transplanting from garden to pot for winter

    Ok, so I have been grow plants outside for several years now and am now looking to see if it would be possible to winterize plants from the garden to an indoor growing area. Has anyone done a "reverse' style transplant from outside to in? I have several plants, like 60 from bhuts to scorpions...
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    Trin. Scorpions growth

    first year growing some Trinidad scorpions and am wondering about flowering and fruit growth to anyone who has grown in past. Plants are huge, 3-4 ft high at around 18"-24" around, but have only seen a few flowers and no fruit as of yet. My bhuts and fatalis are same size and are already...
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    co-packer Which Co-Packer do you use?

    I am looking to possibly change co-packers for our sauces do to sooo many reasons, but does anyone who is currently using a packer have a favorite? Endorphin Farms, Stage Coach Sauces, etc? Would racther not have to travel more than a simple days drive from the east coast to get there.
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    labels race City 4 Year Reserve label

    We are set to release a limited amount of our 4 year whisky barrel aged pepper sauce that many had the pleasure to enjoy at Peppers at the Beach. We are set to release the first few bottles at the next Weekend of Fire at Jungle Jims in july. Below is a draft of a simple and small label that...
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    marketing T-Shirt Printing

    Looking for any good contacts people have for reasonably priced printing for t-shirts. Seen the web based sites, but that requires giving of a body part for shirts of a certain quality and quantity.
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    Race City in GQ

    Look for Race City Sauce Works soon in an upcoming issue of GQ and!!! :cool:
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    misc Name suggestions!!!

    We have two new products debuting at the end of the month and still tossing around names. First item is a Jolokia based traditional jerk sauce/paste. This a a traditional Jamaican jerk sauce with the addition of fresh bhut jolokia peppers to the mix, this is not going to have a hot sauce...
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    Race City March Madness Sale!!

    March Madness Sale is now on! 15-20% off all of our sauces and Pit Paks. Plus new Fiery Final Four Pak for the month of March!! Get some while its cheap!!!
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    Good Cayenne Pepper Source

    looking for some low or no salt cayenne pepper paste or mash. Anyone have a source?
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    San Fran Hot Sauce Stores

    Any body know of any gourmet/spicy food shops in the San Fran area?
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    misc E-Commerce Hosting

    Looking for a new web host that will provide a trust worthy shopping cart, design, etc.
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    trade-show Trade Show Thoughts(no-public show)

    Going to a large four day trade show in ATL in january and was looking to get some input from those in the industry who have gone to one of these. This is not a show like the FFS or zestfest where the public come, but a true P.O. show with wholesalers and distributors attending. Has anyone...
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    harvesting Harvesting Seeds From Pods

    I am sure this thread is out there somewhere or has been touched upon before, but does anyone have a good way to harvest seeds from pods? or is there a certain method? Just drying? soaking? Have an extreme amount of bhuts and nagas and would like to not to have to buy them again
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    bottles-jars Wax for bottles

    Any one have a good place to get colored wax for dipping bottles?
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    Race City Snags Two In America's Best Competition

    Race City Sauce Works came out of Anaheim, Ca with two category winners for their Smokey Habanero Honey Mustard (Best Mustard) and Smoked Habanero Pepper Jam (best Pepper Jelly/Jam) at the America's Best Food Competition. Not a bad start...
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    artwork Chile Pepper Graphics/Label Art

    Anyone know of some good internet sites that have some good chile pepper artwork? Looking for stuff I can edit in Adobe for marketing and such. Thanks!
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    LTL Shipping

    Anyone have a good and cheap company that ships LTL freight to tradeshows? Running into a few dead ends...
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    Crap Load of 5 oz Woozies with Caps, Seals

    I am selling cases of 5 ounce woozies with black caps and black perforated shrink bands. I am sitting on about 250 cases after a change in co-packing facilities, so I am passing my lot on to anyone else who is in need of some sauce bottle kits. i will be setting some up on Ebay but thought I...
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    Pepper sources

    Looking for a few new places to get ingredients from. I use a couple local and some out of state(NC) farms and purveyors such as Mild to Wild, but looking for a source that has mass quantities available and unique chiles like jolokia and savina