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  1. alkhall

    Membership payments

    Still using paypal? Would like to get Extreme membership, but absolutely not using paypal, or anything remotely associated with those crooks.
  2. alkhall

    alkhall 2022

    Only doing the CPR/Primo clones again this year, plus some Ecuadoran Hot Lemon Cayenne plants from Burpee.
  3. alkhall

    alkhall 2021

    Not going to be much this year. We are adding a privacy fence, so the raised bed is out of commission until next year, hopefully bigger and better.   Anyway, I have three clones that survived of the five cuttings I took last October. These are (I believe) and unintentional cross of a Red Primo...
  4. alkhall

    fermenting Ferment to pickle.

    After fermenting (brining), I was thinking about pickling (vinegar and pickling spices) pepper rings.   Or, is that not something I can, or should, do?
  5. alkhall

    Ripe Jalapeno

    Thought I would try a ferment with only red Jalapenos, came up a little short, had to add two green Big Guys to top off.   Vidalia onion, garlic, four color peppercorns, coriander seed.    
  6. alkhall

    fermenting Another Super Hot ferment

    Red Primo on the left, what were supposed to be CPR on the right.   I am beginning to suspect, since the CPR that I took the pod from that produced the seeds for this plant was growing next a Red Primo last year, that I have a CPR/Red Primo cross.   They definitely are not the same; when I was...
  7. alkhall

    fermenting Bhut ferment

    Done two Jalapeno ferments so far this year, nothing special.   Thought I might do a super hot ferment.   The peppers:     Peach Bhut, Gnarly Chocolate Bhut, Justin's Super Bhut.   In a month or so, a half gallon of hot:  
  8. alkhall

    alkhall 2020

    About 3 weeks late getting started this year, but I doubt it will make much difference.   Getting away from doing mostly super-hots and going with more 'edible' varieties.   2020 GROW BELLS CALIFORNIA WONDER GREAT STUFF HONEY CRISP BIG DIPPER RED MERCURY ORANGE (SUPERMARKET BELL PEPPER)  ...
  9. alkhall

    What is new?

    Any new and exciting varieties or crosses available this year?    
  10. alkhall

    How many peppers...

    would you sell for $100?   200? 300? 400? 500?   I have a co-worker who wants '$100 worth of peppers'.    
  11. alkhall

    fermenting Ferment attempt

    Half gallon.   ScotchBrains, SB7J, garlic, pearl onions, coriander seed, black/white/green/pink peppercorns, crystallized ginger, 4% brine solution.  
  12. alkhall

    Pickling spices?

    I have never done a lacto-ferment, so what does everyone add as pickling spice?   I was thinking some garlic cloves and peppercorns. What else?   I will be doing some superhots; Primos, Scorpion crosses. Also some regular hots; such as ScotchBonnet crosses.   So, once the ferment is done, do I...
  13. alkhall

    organic Organic mulch

    As you may know, I try to do total organic growing.   I have never used mulch.   I am tired of pulling weeds and grass from my raised beds.   Is there a totally organic mulch, that is, with no dyes or other additives?
  14. alkhall

    Am I being too picky?

    I purchased two Eye Hortilux FS+UV T5HO lamps from an online retailer.   One end of both lamps is missing some of the phosphor coating. I have not installed the lamps, so they are in the condition I received them.     I have asked for replacement or refund, but both the vendor and the...
  15. alkhall

    alkhall 2019

    The list:   2019 GROW LIST Brown Large Scorpion cross - Mine Big Black Mama cross – Mine Gnarly Chocolate Bhut Jolokia - Mine ScotchBrain – FreeportBum Red Primo (from saved seed 2017) – Primos Peppers Chocolate Primo/Reaper (CPR) – White Hot Peppers Chocolate Primo/Reaper (CPR) – ButchT Primo...
  16. alkhall

    So, you like hot peppers, do ya?

    We have a new controller at work, real nice guy.   This afternoon he approached me asking if I sell my peppers.   I said yes, but he should realize they are very hot.   He said, yeah I got some jalapenos at home. To which I replied, mine are quite a bit hotter.   Like Habaneros, he asked. I...
  17. alkhall

    Thinking about selling

    I have never sold any of the peppers I have grown, but I have considered it. I have given away hundreds.   Problem is, I have no idea what to charge or how to go about it.   I say this upfront; I will never use PayPal, and I understand that is what most everyone uses for Internet sales.    
  18. alkhall

    Internodal spacing.

    For those who have plants started under lights; typically, what are your internodal spacing measurements like?   I always seem to have very short, broad plants while under the lights.   I wonder if this in any way generally affects how tall the plants will be once they are outdoors and in the...
  19. alkhall

    alkhall 2018

    Started my list:   Apocalypse Chocolate - RFC Bhutlah BBG7 Chocolate- RFC Chocolate Reaper- RFC Death Spiral- RFC MRM 7 Brown Peachy- RFC Naglah Beast Chocolate- RFC Skunk Red- RFC Venezuelan Tiger- RFC Wrecking Ball 7 Brown- RFC 7-Pot Cinder – BHUTER Brown Large Scorpion cross – MINE Chocolate...
  20. alkhall

    Any idea?

        Pods are about an inch long and appear to take more than a month to ripen.   Thanks