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  1. poypoyking

    baccatum Soapy Baccatum Taste

    Since it was mentioned in the "favorite Baccatums" thread I thought we could discuss this here rather than derailing that thread.   How many of you have experienced the "soapy" flavor in baccatums?  And if so, was it limited to certain varieties, or kind of across the board?  I have noticed it...
  2. poypoyking

    fermenting Roasted Jalapeno and Fermented Sriracha

    I finally made my batches of hot sauce from my fall peppers.  The Srtiracha ended up being fermented 3+ months - life just got too busy.  I also roasted some jalapenos, onions, and garlic on the grill back in September and threw them in the freezer to be made into a hot sauce later. This was a...
  3. poypoyking

    pests Pepper Pest?

    I noticed some funny things on one of my larger goat peppers.  I stared and stared to see if I could see anything move at all, but nothing moved that I could see.  Any ideas?          
  4. poypoyking

    Hidden Gems - Kaa Sangwa Kinnit and Kpakpo Shito

    So I went to the Como Conservatory here in Minneapolis today and found a few surprises.  There was an edible section with a bunch of fruit trees and all kinds of edible plants.  Imagine my surprise when right inside the door was a Douglah.  I made my way around the room and picked pods from 6...
  5. poypoyking

    Poypoy's 2014 Grow Log - Flowers and Round 2 Sown

    Last night I started my Pubescens so I thought it was about time to get things rolling again here.  This is what I started:   Brown Rocoto Cherry Rocoto Giant Mexican Rocoto Rocoto CAP 217 Red Rocoto Yellow Rocoto Manzano (from Smokemaster)   I did cheat the season a little bit and started some...
  6. poypoyking


    So who has a good gumbo recipe they would be willing to share?  There are a ton on the recipe websites but I would love to get one from someone down in the south that knows how to make it right.   Thanks!   Ben
  7. poypoyking


    I would like to make at least one batch of cookies this week that have noticeable heat, but I don't want a lot of pepper flavor.  Any ideas on the quantity of pepper amd/or powder to use in a batch?  Let's just assume something like the standard Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe for...
  8. poypoyking

    Battlefield 4

    Any PC players of BF4 on here?  Would love to get some THP squad action going.
  9. poypoyking

    chinense Chocolate Scorpion

    So this is how all of my Chocolate Scorpions ripened this year.  It is most likely a cross, but I saved some seeds and we'll see how they turn out next year.  The flavor was pretty decent, a little "grassy" with plenty of heat.  
  10. poypoyking

    Care Package

    I am putting together a care package for my friend and her husband who are stationed at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia.   At this point I will have a dozen or so bottles of hot sauce to send for their flight group, with a few miscellaneous things slipped in as well (powders, salsas).   If...
  11. poypoyking

    Peach Surprise

    I need to come up with a better name for this one, but it works for now.  :)     The ingredients:   16 Peach Bhut Jolokia peppers (mine were smaller, the plants were in 3 gallon pots) 1 cup white carrots 1 large onion 2 peaches, peeled, pitted, and chopped 6 cloves garlic 2 cups water 3...
  12. poypoyking

    Roasted Jalapeno and Sriracha

    I made a batch of roasted jalapeno hot sauce and a batch of sriracha Saturday night.    This batch of Sriracha had a little more kick, more in line with what I was looking for.  I still used cherry bomb peppers de-seeded for the bulk of the peppers, but I also used 5-6 ripe jalapenos and 3...
  13. poypoyking

    Cherry Bomb?

    So the person I bought these peppers from at the farmer's market was not a native speaker.  He seemed to speak English pretty well and when I asked him what kind of peppers they were he told me Cherry Bomb.  I thought I grew cherry bomb in the past and they were quite small, penny to nickle...
  14. poypoyking

    Sriracha and Mango Scotch Bonnet Sauces

    Yesterday I whipped up a couple trial sauces before I made some for bottling in the next week or two.  Both of them turned out great, but I would definitely tweak the Mango Scotch Bonnet sauce.  It made about 18 ounces, so I would at least double it.  But it only called for 1/3 cup of vinegar...
  15. poypoyking

    chinense Peach Bhut and Throat Burn

    I got to try my Peach Bhut for the first time last night.  Almost a papaya flavor to it, just a little sweet and fruity.  It had an incredible throat burn though.  I don't think I have ever had a pepper burn in my throat that bad before.  The mouth and lips weren't too bad.  It was also a pretty...
  16. poypoyking

    chinense Scotch Bonnets

    So which Scotch Bonnet strains have the Scotch Bonnet flavor?  The typical yellow Scotch Bonnet and Bahamian Goat Pepper have a similar flavor, but I was disappointed last night when I bit into a Chocolate Scotch Bonnet to find it had more of a classic habanero flavor.   I am trying to plan out...
  17. poypoyking

    LF: White Habanero

    I am looking for some White Habanero seeds (only need a few). I have some pepper seeds available for trade and a ton of tomato seeds available for trade. PM me and let me know what you are looking for. Thanks, Ben
  18. poypoyking

    Bagging Blossoms

    When saving seeds from peppers I like to bag my blossoms. I don't have the space to really isolate a plant well. Lipton came out with a new product that is perfect. They now have "pyramid" tea bags. You cut one corner off, then use the tea string attached to other corner to tie it off. You...
  19. poypoyking

    Poypoy's Growlog - First Big Harvest and Salsa!

    I have hooks/seedlings on at least one of everything except the Chocolate Hab. This is what I started: Chocolate Habanero Red Habanero Not Chocolate Scorpion Naga Morich Brain Strain Yellow Bhut Jolokia Fatalii Suave Orange Peach Bhut 7 Pot Yellow Chocolate Scotch Bonnet Yellow Bhut Chocolate...
  20. poypoyking

    Quick Question

    My jalapeno plants are loaded with pods. If I wait for them to ripen to red will the plant continue to produce more pods, or would I have to pick some for it to produce more?