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  1. dragonsfire

    New here and looking for Carolinas!

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    Hello world!

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    DF 2022 Glog

  4. dragonsfire

    DF 2022 other Glog.

  5. dragonsfire

    DF 2022 Glog

    yup, would be nice, their saying 4c now, keeps going down :(
  6. dragonsfire

    Word Association Thread

  7. dragonsfire

    DF 2022 Glog

    Re potted some peppers. Still too cold, going to 7c on Friday so potentially 5.
  8. dragonsfire

    drying Salt Cured Ham

    Update... Pulled from salt today and placed in Drying box. 15% weight reduced so far.
  9. dragonsfire

    fermenting Oak Barrel Aging

    Only used oak chips in the fermenting bucket, it did add a bit of depth :)
  10. dragonsfire

    Newbie looking for advise and info!!

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    Word Association Thread

  12. dragonsfire

    hobbies Astronomy

  13. dragonsfire

    Anybody else growing cannabis?

    Looking great !
  14. dragonsfire

    hobbies Astronomy

    last night clearish again. big difference in satellite activity now.
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    Word Association Thread

  16. dragonsfire

    hobbies Astronomy

    Actually saw some stars last night :)
  17. dragonsfire

    Hello From Georgia

  18. dragonsfire

    off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

    Good Morning@ Had frost this morning, -4c last night. Sunny no clouds. Hope this is the last of it, normally we have had snow on the weekend. Waiting for Pancakes with my Coffee this morning :) Have a great Day !!
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    Word Association Thread

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    Word Association Thread