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  1. TriniHottie

    Different Colour 7 pods

    I did promise some kind people I traded seeds with on this forum Yellow, Brown, red and Orange 7 Pods seeds... I just cant remember who ... You can PM me with your Mailing address...
  2. TriniHottie

    Trinidad Douglah Seeds I have...

    I have Douglah Seeds for Trade... I know I promised some people I just forgot who...
  3. TriniHottie

    wanted Looking for Bangalore Torpedo...

    Anyone has Bangalore Torpedo, Satan's Kiss, Apache?? Willing to Trade for T&T varieties
  4. TriniHottie

    Trinidad Yellow 7 POD
  5. TriniHottie

    Trinidad Field
  6. TriniHottie

    Trinidad "Douglah" 7 Pot
  7. TriniHottie

    Plastic Nipples

  8. TriniHottie


    We make Pepper Choka... Roast the Hot Peppers & Garlic add Salt and grind up...thats all to it!
  9. TriniHottie

    Are these Australian Lantern? Can someone tell me whats the name of this..?
  10. TriniHottie

    Pepper Vendor

    One of the Many in Trinidad Markets
  11. TriniHottie

    chinense Trinidad Scorpion A few different Pod Shapes... but this is one.
  12. TriniHottie

    Hot Cherries

    This one of my Cherry Plants in my Garden.