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    I am back :D

    Hey guys, It has been awhile. I didn't have any plants last year and just got out of it for a little while. I looked through my pepper seeds and though "What was I thinking?" So here I am. I will have about 6-12 plants this year. I will be planting them in the ground. Quick question for you...
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    Should I grow it?

    Alright I have this burkina and I am only going to grow 1 of the 2. Usually leaves just grow straight up and out until they get a bit older right? well this guy isn't. One of it's first leaves is split sorta and then it grew another set but one of the first leaves is growing up along the stem...
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    HAHA smoking smarties

    I saw something about this on comedy central so I had to search it up on youtube. There are so many of these "cool" little kids showing you how to do it this is one of the best. Lol he put a bunch in a blender then into a bag and stuck a straw in there. Here is the vid...
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    Olympic athlete dies....

    This is sad. A 21 year old luger dies from a crash. Here is a link to the article. :Rest in Peace:
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    trade I have yellow bhut jolokia to trade!!!

    Hi guys, I just recently got some yellow bhut's from dave. I will do a 5 for 5 trade. I am only looking for rare superhots or habanero varieites. Here are just some that I can name. 7 pot Primo big bang naga potka morich Chocolate scorpion (any out there?) Just anything that is rare. I REALLY...
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    wanted Looking for 7pots/pod

    Well due to hybrids and bad luck last year i wasn't able to harvest any actual 7 pods.And also i misplaced some seeds when i moved so i have very little to trade. I would really love some brain strain seeds but regular 7 pods will work too! I can trade for some PI 441654 (very few) Bishops...
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    review Sweet sunshine jamaican jerk review (my first)

    I got a box of sauces from dan and people want sauces so here is my first one of Sweet Sunshine's all natural Jamaican Jerk sauce. Ingredients: Water, Sugar, scallions, vinegar, tomatoes, scotch bonnets, corn syrup solids, salt, mustard seeds, ancho peppers, molasses, cayenne peppers, habanero...
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    dew plants get stunted(sp?)

    Do plants get stunted when they are inside in smaller pots or will they start to grow as soon as they are put in larger pots? EDIT: lol what was i thinking dew hahahahaha i meant do
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    chinense Do these look like bih jolokias to you?

    I am growing bih jolokias but they dont look a whole lot like the bhut jolokia i am growing. These aren't near as pimply actually they are preatty smooth like a hab. They aren't quite as big as a naga either. Here are the pics.
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    chinense orange trinidad scorpion?

    These "trinidad scorpions" have been orange for a couple weeks now. They are not ripening or even showing any signs of turning red. The oldest pepper of the three is getting soft like it has been on the plant to long. I have not tried them yet. The only reason i kept the pepper on this long is...
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    At what temp do seeds die

    I was just wondering. What temperature are seeds no longer good.
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    how do you dry/save seeds

    i was just wondering how you guys dry and save your seeds. I want to be able to store them for a little while. Also what about using the refrigerator to sotre seeds
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    health What is wrong with my plants part 2!

    The long awaited sequel, here it is!some of my plants look crappy. Can someone please tell me what it is and what i should do. Could the second plants problem be not enough light because it is a lot smaller then its "tray mates" Thanks fro the help
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    health Another what is wrong with my plants

    Well i seen this weird looking thing on some of my plants leaves dunno waht it is.
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    what size pot?

    What size pot should i use for like habs nagas and stuff like that cause all i have is a bunch of 1 gallons :shocked:
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    spiders on drugs

    Lol spiders on drugs.funny video just thought i would share with you all.been around for a while though....
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    soil My idea for soil?

    Well i think im probaly going to switch soil tommorow. I have this miracle grow moisture control and hate it. I was thinking f doing a 3-1-1 of top soil, composted cow manure, and a compost mix of grass and leaves mainly. (or maybe 1/2) I dont know i was just wanting to get some ideas on it.
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    seeds superthrive and fertilizer on seeds??

    Well i have some seedlings and unsproted seeds in the same pot that havent been transplanted and im behind on my planting. I was wondering if fert and superthrive would bother the unsprouted seeds. VERY stupid question but might as well ask.
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    This sucks

    Well i told my mom to water my seeds while i was gone for a week. I told her about 5 pumps per cells a day would be just fine. She didn't know what a cell was i find out the day im coming back. She watered the plants from thorugh the screen above this tank i have them in and didn't get to much...
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    fertilizer what kind of fertilizer?

    Well I have been using miracle grow fert....ooops that is at 24% nitrogen. This seems probaly way to high. What kind of fert should i use or should i kepp using this like once a month i dunno.