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  1. dragonsfire

    drying Salt Cured Ham 2

    Looked like a nice piece and uniform so trying again. Added Coriander this time, forgot on the last mix. Dont think will get these prices again. Has a nice slab of fat on the back.
  2. dragonsfire

    drying Salt Cured Ham

    New batch and style attempt. Full salt cover for 17 days ( I noticed curing time in salt varies allot) 8lb, Black Pepper Sage Smoked Paprika Cinnamon Cumin Pink Salt Pickling salt bulk.
  3. dragonsfire

    cooking Corn Tortillas

    Corn flour-2 cups water-1.5 cups ( would add another 1/4 cup next time, did not crack but think it would be better) 1-tbsp-butter salt cumin Egg salad red onion, chipotle.
  4. dragonsfire

    cooking Fish Taco.

    Made a fish Taco with my Last "Tortilla". Pickled red cabbage with garlic sauce. some of Reggie's hot sauce.
  5. dragonsfire

    baking Flour Tortillas

    Havent done these in a long time. Flour and yeast, I like using yeast, it makes the bread more chewy. 450gr flour 250ml water 80gr butter. Will do corn tomorrow, I hope.
  6. dragonsfire

    cooking Zucchini Fritters

    Splurged last night added some rosemary and dried tomatoes in their, cooked in coconut oil. Was so fluffy and addictive ate the whole thing, went to bed stomach busting :( , next morning liver didn't appreciate the Oil. Topped with garlic dip and sriracha.
  7. dragonsfire

    cooking Sausages, Bison

    Finally got around to it :) Bison Bacon 30% Dried Apricots Dried Elderberries Chipotle Marjoram Black Pepper
  8. dragonsfire

    DF 2022 other Glog.

    Key Lime flowering. Weather so F up. Friday -5 and snowed, Saturday 10 and everything melted, Today -13 and 10" snow shoveled. Heading toward -25.
  9. dragonsfire

    hot-sauce Disenchantment Hot Sauce

    If anybody has funds to experiment with I would love to know what this stuff taste like. Some people have said its good ingredients. Only in US so shipping would put it somewhere around $150ca. Fan of the show, wondering if their doing it justice.
  10. dragonsfire

    drying Jerky/Biltong/Curing

    Built a drying box. Marinade Salmon (forgot to leave the skin on :oops:), Turkey is next today. Bison probably in a few weeks. Soy Sauce - 1cup Worcestershire -1cup ACV -1/2 cup Honey -3/4cup Chipotle Coriander Black Pepper. Put webcam in their so I can do a time Lapse.
  11. dragonsfire

    tv BattleBots

    Any fans out their? Love the Carnage :D 250lb thrown into the Air, LOL
  12. dragonsfire

    cooking First Time Canning Meat

    My first attempt yesterday. Baked chicken first to crisp the Skin, will probably reduce the skin content next time, allot of fat in their. CHipotle, Paprika and Garam Marsala. Added Soy sauce and some ACV to the jar once filled. Found out why they say pack the jar tight, the meat shrinks allot...
  13. dragonsfire

    DF 2022 Glog

    First bunch of seeds, hope for a better year, probably end up with indoor/outdoor grow since I had the best results inside last year, as long as their not attacked.
  14. dragonsfire

    Sum Ting Wong

    New heights of absolute stupidity.
  15. dragonsfire

    smoking Lamb Sausage

    Made some sausages this Morning, haven't made any since the 80's. Used Smoked Chipotle/Paprika since I don't have a smoker yet. Dont have a pricker so once they have mellowed for 24 hours will use a needle for the air pockets. Lamb Chops Bacon Apricots (dried) Rosemary Thyme Oregano. Pink Salt...
  16. dragonsfire

    outdoors Octopuses, crabs and lobsters to be recognised as sentient beings under UK law
  17. dragonsfire

    baking Chicken Pumpkin

    Supper Pumpkin Drumsticks Onions Sweet pepper Chipotle Bake till done...
  18. dragonsfire

    fermenting Mango Seabuckthorn Sauce

    Been a long time since made one so at least one this year. Mango Seabuckthorn Red Onion Ginger Gong Bao Pepper. Orange Peel in ACv/Honey ACV 3% 4L brine Ferment starter.
  19. dragonsfire

    outdoors Its Officially Fall

    Leaves started dropping a couple days ago.