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  1. Vegas_Chili

    Solem 2015

    Hey Rom!!! How are you doing man! Long time no chat! Hope all is well and take care! :onfire: , Walt
  2. Vegas_Chili

    favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

    Me me me! My turn! Cumari Verdaidera - C. Praetermissum. (Overwinter and seeds from Portuge) Baccatum pea - C. Baccatum. CAP 501 x Bhut F3 ( Charles creation and seeds from Portuge 2014). -Walt
  3. Vegas_Chili

    favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

    Looks like mother nature wasn't all that harsh on my plants this winter... Did have some cold days, which dropped mostly all of the leaves on my plants.. Glad I won't be starting these from seeds this season, have a lot more fresh seeds to hit the dirt.. Sorry for the poor quality pics, just...
  4. Vegas_Chili

    organic My Organic Back Yard Raised Bed Garden In Las Vegas - Four 4x8 Raised Beds

    Hi Walt, sorry I didn't see yoru message earlier. I haven't visited the forum in a while. Did you start your garden yet or are you still thinking about it? No prob man same here, I have a few plants started already and I'm germinating some more right now. Let me know if you need anything and...
  5. Vegas_Chili

    Devv's 2015 - 16, Life is good!

    Very nice start Scott!! That cover crop looks nice, almost as if you can lay down on it LOL. Looks like you had a blast on Christmas day! Hope you have a HOT new years and say hi to LB for me! I really hope I can keep up this season LOL. I wonder if y'all wondering why I'm so quiet. Well I been...
  6. Vegas_Chili

    Ⓢⓟⓘⓒⓔⓖⓔⓘⓢⓣ ❷⓿❶❺

    Whoohoo!!! Way to go Charles! Let's get ready to JAM!! Good luck (Not that you need it LOL), and hope you have a badass season!! :party: :fireball: -Walt
  7. Vegas_Chili

    favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

    I been low key for a while now, I'm still going thru some hard stuff ( Marriage) and I tend to neglect everything just to clear myself. Anyways I'm still growing but on a small scale and I have a few started for next season and still waiting for more to pop ;) First off is this siling labuyo...
  8. Vegas_Chili

    Seed Swapping! Need some new varieties :) (Updated 12/6, yup))

    i can trade you caramel moruga,mustard moruga, filius blue, black bhut,orange jalapeno, fatalii gourmet jigsaw, yellow moruga, and chocolate bubblegum. i would like some peach wasp, peach congo, peach bhut SS, black fatalii, green fatalii, biker billy jalapeno, cinnamon bell, red rocoto, yellow...
  9. Vegas_Chili

    favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

    Tovarii getting her maroon hues for fall. Very nice John! I wanted to ask if you have any seeds for this one. I'd like to get the chance to grow it. If there's something I have that you want lmk. -Walt
  10. Vegas_Chili

    Anyone tried making your own basket/sponge setup for the aero garden?

    Rapid rooters and don't use a basket. Just slip it in Lol.
  11. Vegas_Chili

    favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

    Very nice!!! BUMP
  12. Vegas_Chili

    hybrid C. galapagoense cross

    Nice!! Looks more like the galapagoense, turned out nice. That one crossed with the bhut should be interesting.... -Walt
  13. Vegas_Chili

    Smiley's build a box.. 40 for mfrb 60 for lfrb ~closed~

    Beware of Dog..... Red Dog, that is!  Nice pods,  "Uncle" Mike   :lol:     Lmao! Vidal got some and says the exact same thing. Told me that the lipstick looked innocent.. Pfft.. Changed his mind quick. LMFAO!!! That damn red dog was brutal!! Not really that hot, but it did destroy my...
  14. Vegas_Chili

    Spicegeist 2014 - The Year of the Bhut

    Wow!! That CDP x Donne sali is a real stunner. I just sowed some cumari do Para yesterday and a few others. Can't wait to try these out. -Walt
  15. Vegas_Chili

    hybrid C. galapagoense cross

    Any progress on this one Charles?
  16. Vegas_Chili

    favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

    Yes it is I planted 2 and 1 came up today Cool!! Those seeds are strong. I've had 100% germ rate on those. First 2 attempts were a fail but 3rd time was a charm. Oh and they germinate fast and didn't get a single helmet head either. Enjoy man! -Walt
  17. Vegas_Chili

    favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

    Not the greatest quality but will get a better one in a day or two Nice! Is that from the seeds I gave you? -Walt
  18. Vegas_Chili

    favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

    So time for a short update on my wilds. First up is: Cumari verdaidera Buds: Lanceolatum : CAP 501 x Donne sali F2. CGN 21502. -Walt
  19. Vegas_Chili

    favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

    Yeah this Cumari is partially shaded by a crape myrtle and receives afternoon sun. Sits along the southeast wall of my backyard, if i get any pods from it they will go to replenish the seed stock and shared among several members here... Not near as a Wild as the others I'm growing but at once...