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  1. Vegas_Chili

    Modify your Aerogarden bulbs! Save some mula!

    Yes sirs and mams modify your bulbs! Don't pay for cheapo and weak AG lights again! Ever! Ok, I was bored and had nothing else to do well at least for an hour or so. I bought a AG bulb at a yard sale and was told it's brand new well I bought it. I plugged it in my AG and it was as bright as it...
  2. Vegas_Chili

    wanted looking for C. Lanceolatum seeds.

    Does anyone here have Lanceolatum seeds? I need some. I ordered from Semillas about a month ago and I still haven't gotten my order. I emailed him before and said they'll get here within 3 weeks. Now we're rolling in the 5th week... if anyone can can help me I will repay as soon as I get the...
  3. Vegas_Chili

    delete double post..

    Sorry double post....
  4. Vegas_Chili

    soil Fox farm soil users I have a question...

    Ok so I bought myself a bag of fox farms ocean forest soil, and it's the first time I use it. Right now I'm pretty disappointed with the soil. I've heard too much good reviews from it,but I must of gotten a bad batch or is it normal? I barely used up like 1/8 of the bag, literally nothing and...
  5. Vegas_Chili

    Wild in Las Vegas 2014 (Hardening off and flowers!!)

    So now it's time to make another attempt and hope for a better year. I didn't want to make a glog this year... but I see many already started. That motivates me to make a glog. 2013 was a year for learning and making mistakes and mostly experiments. Needless to say I found and learned a lot...
  6. Vegas_Chili

    C. Chacoense differences?

    Is there any noticeable difference between the C. Chacoense? I have a friend that grew 3 different Chacs and all seemed to be the same. All leaf patern, fruit, flower, etc. What difference is there if any? Thanks. -Walter
  7. Vegas_Chili

    HELP! Possible disease?? Need ID asap!

    Anyone know what's this? It's starting on my bubblegum 7 and it looks like black spots on the leaves veins, and the leaves are dropping... Anyone know what's this? Por pic but it's the best I can do. Thanks in advance! -Walter
  8. Vegas_Chili

    container Hydro container/reservoir question (DWC)

    Ok, so here's the question. What's a more suitable bucket size for having nice plants and decent harvest? Space is the issue here. I prefer having a few different types than just one huge one, but I also don't want the container to be too small and then later become a issue in production...
  9. Vegas_Chili

    pests bug ID?

    Thanks in advance. , Walter
  10. Vegas_Chili

    Anyone know what's this one?

    Iding for a friend. Does anyone know what it is? Thanks. , Walter
  11. Vegas_Chili


    Does anyone have any Rocopica seeds? I have seeds to trade too and not that many. I wouldn't guarantee what you get since I haven't grown them out yet. Lmk. ,Walter
  12. Vegas_Chili

    Has anyone tried this sauce? JB's Best.

    Has anyone tried this sauce? Ok my tolerance isn't that high but I just have to try it :D. , Walter
  13. Vegas_Chili

    container potential grow bags? :D

    , Walter
  14. Vegas_Chili

    cloning first shot at cloning! Writeup is up!

    So I built a 5 gal. bucket cloner like the ones in the cannabis forums and tried it with peppers and it works! TS CARDI,@ 9 days. A couple drops of superthrive and tap water, nothing else. , Walter As promised. So here's what I did. I didn't have anything laying around so I had to...
  15. Vegas_Chili

    Aerogarden users I need adviice/suggestions.

    Ok so I found a super clean and cheap Aerogarden on Craigslist, and it needs bulbs, and I need the sponges and the basket to hold the sponge. Where do you guys source your replacement parts or know what to use instead of the original parts? Thank you. , Walter
  16. Vegas_Chili

    pests Bug ID?

    Anyone know what's this? Thanks , Vegas
  17. Vegas_Chili

    Funny pic of the day. Anyone?

    post em up. Any funny pic. lol! , Vegas
  18. Vegas_Chili

    Is anyone growing/grown these? Have pics? Info?

    Has anyone grown these? Can you post pics or info? -Chocolate "big bang" naga. -Billy boy Douglah or Jonah. -White fatalii. -huge twisted chocolate habanero. , Vegas
  19. Vegas_Chili

    pics Pics of your apartment balcony/indoor setup?

    I'm looking for ideas on how to setup my balcony for this year's grow. I know there's some guys on here that grow on balconies. Looking forward to seeing your setup. ,Vegas
  20. Vegas_Chili

    What are these?

    I went grocery shopping yesterday and I found these mix in with the orange habs. These look more yellow and are significantly thicker fleshed than the regular orange hab. Ideas? ,Vegas