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  1. sirex

    Shrimp with scallop patties and asiago cream sauce

    Tonight we did er up. Nothing fancy. guess I could've put this in the comfort food thread because this is what we normally turn to.   21/30 shrimp peeled and deveined from Publix. Sauteed with salt, fresh crack black pepper, some minced garlic and cayenne powder. Cheaped out with roasted garlic...
  2. sirex

    Dragonfruit and strawberries and poor mans pickled sausage.

    Carved out time to make a sauce today as well as pickle some store bought sausage.   Sauce first. No weights some measurements.   Dragonfruit and strawberries.       For those not familiar with the innards of the fruit of the mother.     We keep old things until they completely die.     For...
  3. sirex

    All things breaks...

    This is the place for all things breakbeat. Nu school breaks, old school breaks, FL breaks, Orlando Breaks, West Coast/ Cali breaks.....well, you get the picture.   I'll start from some throwbacks to growing up here in FL.                                      ...
  4. sirex

    Sirex's attemp to grow the Capsicum and others..... 2016

    Soooooooooo.......I guess it's time for ol' Rex-Y-Roo to start a GLOG. Been here long enough. I want to share the thrills of my little victories and agonies of mites and whitefly.       First we will start with my babies                 Here's some clones from Wicked Mike               More...
  5. sirex

    free Uhhhhh....Free Candy?

    Now that I have your attention!!   I have been given a generous gift from Wicked Mike ( post #111) and now we share the love.   I go to work at 4 PM today, 4/23. The first person to post here AFTER 4 PM on 4/23 gets a gift. The catch? Ahhh yes, there always is one. YOU MUST HAVE AN PIC IN YOUR...
  6. sirex

    Media centers for PC/Linux

    So what are people using here to play media? iTunes?Kodi?WMP?   Personally, I use MusicBee. I loved it when I used to use an old 80 gig iPod. Could transfer music to the iPod without the use of iTunes. Now I just stick with it because its quick and light.   For movies or videos I use Media...
  7. sirex

    What the fat man brought

    Its not much but its what Santa left me
  8. sirex

    Given a lot of hydro nutes

    So I'm at home just chillin and I get a knock at my door. It's my new neighbor, she moved in a couple of months ago.    "Didn't you say you were growing hydro?"   "No. I want to when I get some more space though."   "Oh. OK. Well do you want these?" She hands me two smaller bottles of nutes.   ...
  9. sirex

    What do you buy and grow and why do you choose that?

    I heard from a friend that a lot of his customers are ONLY buying superhots. Which leads me to the question of " What do you grow? What do you buy boxes of? Are they only supers? Are there any low heat varieties? Are there any wilds?And Why do you choose what you have chose?"   I have many...
  10. sirex

    Pink Tiger history

    I've looked at the couple of pink tiger threads I've seen here and googled to not much avail. I'd like to know more about the pink tiger and other PDN crosses. I know Pink Tiger is a Pimenta de Neyde x bhut cross. Which bhut though? Was PDN the mother or the father? Who created it? If...
  11. sirex

    annuum Corked Jalapeño crosses

    Anybody seen them? Like a corked jap x brainstrain cross? Corked jap x habanero cross? Thinking that would produce some crazy looking offspring!
  12. sirex


    So here I am at wal mart. Its one in the morning. Getting groceries for little mans b day Saturday when I spy the cherries. 'What is this ? Hmmmmm. Do my eyes deceive me?' Cherries. For .95 a lb. Now around here, that's a steal . So what did I do? Bet your sweet ass I bought 10 lbs of...
  13. sirex

    Just a widdle biddy stinger !!!

    Its about time too! After dealing with mites, winds of gale force, searing temps and downpours of seemingly ark proportions, and months of flower drop, I finally have a super that has set. This is a reaper ( fingers crossed ! ) Here is a shot of my grocery store Scotch bonnet/ habanero/...
  14. sirex

    Ed Currie in Men's Health Magazine.

    I'm about to go to work but am perusing the new Men's Health mag. July/august 2015 edition. Near the back is an article about chili peppers and health. The first line is end Currie talking. Will read when I get home tonight and report back.
  15. sirex

    smoking Fathers Day Dinner

    So, here we go.     Mom got me some new skewers for fathers day. They are pretty cool. Stainless steel cords with a rigid piece on the end.   So it was steaks, skewers with bell peppers, onions, a couple shrimp and a couple scallops. As well as bacon wrapped asparagus.     Starting out        ...
  16. sirex

    nutrients Hydro Nutes

    Hey guys. I am going to play around with some hydo here shortly. Was wondering where everyone got their nutes from. Amazon? Local hydro store?   Thanks
  17. sirex

    Thoughts on using fruit juice instead of fruit

    I see that a lot of other people on here use fruit juice instead of fruit. I have toyed around with this idea for a while but never committed to it.    So what are you guys thoughts on using fruit juice instead of fruit? The pros, the cons etc?
  18. sirex

    Wind effect on pollination

    What are your experiences with moderate winds effecting pollination of flowers?   We've been having anywhere from 15 -27 mph winds that are constant lately. I see my guys out there whipping and fluttering around and I'm wondering does this have an effect on getting the flowers pregnant.   I...
  19. sirex

    trying my hand at a mild sauce.

    So I decided to make a toned down, thinner sauce. I usually don't food mill or cheesecloth to reach end product. Today I did. The players ( not pictured garlic, ACV ) Garlic Onion Carrot Aji cito Aji golden Mango Brown sugar Honey Apple Cider Vinegar Some saute action. Was going g to char...
  20. sirex


    "When reality proves that my life is unmanageable I feel frustration."                                    - Some dude, some where       Man I'm seeing all these pictures of people with pods and I'm over here feeling frustrated. From dealing with mites to the freaking gale force winds that blow...