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  1. armac

    curious about 'blocking' users

    If someone has blocked you, can they still view your profile, or does the blocking preclude them from viewing your profile?
  2. armac

    Giant larvae

    Any ideas, found these in a raised bed, just under the dirt surface.          
  3. armac

    Contract Grows

    I have seen mention of contract grows, apparently one does not have to be a very experienced grower to land one of these. Is there any compliance on the part of the vendor who 'contracts'' these. Are you as a seed buyer, paying premium prices are you assured isolated seed? With all the...
  4. armac


    If a variety is still variable to me that means on a plant you will get some true pods and some VARIABLES. Now if you get a plant and it grows all nontypical pods, is that variety variable or unstable? To truly get a true type pod, my guess you would need a cutting from the proper producing...
  5. armac

    Rio Grande VALLEY Pepper LAB.....Dr. Tex16

    Went down to see Omar (Tex16) today, with my son, to see the ultimate pepper lab. Various seedlings pictured, too many to name. I picked up a rennie, a madballz, and a butch T Mississippi strain. Enjoy
  6. armac


    I got this plant from a friend, supposed to be a chinense but the leaves are odd. Not your normal chinense, so, chinense or annuum?
  7. armac

    greenhouse Greenhouse temperature swings

    I am growing some chinense seedlings in an 8X12 foot greenhouse. with our temps down here in deep south Texas, the greenhouse can be over 100 degrees in the daytime, and down to about 60 at night. This is the first year I have have had access to this greenhouse and my plants are growing faster...
  8. armac


    For those who have grown generations of plants, and you are focusing on key factors,which I have not. As the generations progress, when do you start noticing the pod variance being reduced? How long, generations, until you can get a satisfactory pod consistency. One that when you grow a pepper...
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  10. armac

    Differing Conditions

    I know that with different ambient temps and watering schedules you can increase or decrease the heat of a pepper, but can different conditions affect pod shape, texture, or color. Will completely different conditions completely alter a pepper?
  11. armac

    Editing Button

    Why not have a 30 minute or less window in which you can edit your posts. That would give you plenty of time to edit a post for spelling or punctuation. Leaving the editing option open allows folks to damage the integrity of a thread. In some cases people edit so much you cannot even decipher...
  12. armac

    Banned from a conversation

    Can someone message you, then ban you from the converstaion they started, then somehow remove the PM from your message box? Weird what people do.
  13. armac

    After 7 Months in a 5 Gallon Bucket......Rootbound

    Started these in February in 5 gallon buckets, got some 15 gallon smart pots to upgrade. After seeing these roots, all my plants next year will go in at least 10 gallon pots or in the ground. Thai peppers from Windchicken
  14. armac

    Promix in Houston

    Taking a weekend trip to Houston and was wondering does anybody know of a place in Houston where I can get Promix or Promix BX.
  15. armac

    Good Read....The Truth about Garden Remedies

    A quick read of about 150 pages, talks about a lot of topics we discuss here and their validity. At least according to the author, Jeff Gillman who posseses a PHD and Master's. Discusses organic fertilizer, Epsom salt, mycorrhizae, as well as compost tea, amongst many other relevant topics...
  16. armac

    Warning Points

    I remember a couple of threads discussing warning points, duration of them. Well mine dropped off, looks like the last 3 months, and they are gone. Be good and you will not have to worry about them.
  17. armac

    Red Robin burgers

    The burger place Red Robin, not sure if they are a national chain, has 2 burgers with ghost pepper products on them. Sounds good, will check it out this weekend.
  18. armac

    vendor Hotpeppergirlalabama

    For those who had some reservations, received an excellent order, promptly and with extra goodies. Wanted to try some of those big dried ghost pods and got some moruga seeds. the rest is "icing on the cake". Glad I ordered, sometimes we question people to death. I would rather trust someone...
  19. armac

    fertilizer Urban Farm Fertilizer company

    I am on a weekend away and found some interesting liquid fertilizer made by the company mentioned above. It is called Texas Tomato Food and the numbers are 3.8 3.1 7.0. The ingredients include bat guano, humic acid, worm.casts, kelp, mychorrhizae, and enzymes. Anybody heard anything good or bad...
  20. armac

    Good Intentions...Bad Advice...

    Do a quick search for Cal Mag.....every problem in the world cannot be solved with this chemical or any other chemical. No matter what the symptom, the answer is "add this" or "add that" whatever the new miracle additive is. Many times this advice is coming from people who are having the exact...