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  1. SB42178

    shade Dabbled Sunlight Question

    This will be the first season growing in containers on patio. In the morning i get 4 hours (8:00am - 12:00pm) direct sunlight. From noon until sun goes down, about 7:30pm, I get this dabbled sunlight due to my deck railing: I know that afternoon shade is preferred (i live in Texas - HOT!) but...
  2. SB42178

    2022 SB Container Glog

    This year I will be doing all container plants after letting my garden fall under to the Bermuda grass. Maybe I will get in there and go all scorched earth but for now I will do what I can on my patio. Seed sowed Feb 11, as of yesterday all except one had germinated. Those were some 5 year old...
  3. SB42178

    Chile Pequin Pepper

    Bought the seeds labeled as chili pequin, but these look longer and skinnier than any I've seen. Did i get duped?
  4. SB42178

    soil Soil temperatures too hot?

    Im currently using a seed heat mat under my pots for germination. My soil temperature is running between 90-95 degrees. Is this too hot for germination? Ive seen between 80-85 is ideal. Can they be overheated?
  5. SB42178

    2019 - Raised Bed Zone 9B Glog

    My first GLOG, here is my list. Will start Feb. 1st, 3.5" deep pots in tray. Will be using seed starting mix, as opposed to peat pods the last couple of years. After germ, will put under T5 light until mid march.     
  6. SB42178

    Hola from South Texas

    Long Time lurker, going to attempt to keep a glog this year. List for the spring:     Jalapeno   Thai Red Chili   Caliwonder   NuMex Las Cruces Cayenne   Yolo Wonder   NuMex Heritage 6-4   Banana, Yellow   Jimmy Nardello Italian Pepper   Tam Jalapeno Pepper   Ghostly Jalepeno   CGN21500  ...