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  1. DWB

    fertilizer Gooey BSF Larvae compost

    Drying BSF compost is much worse than drying tar. This particular tub has been drying in the sun since May 1. May 1 June 6 Not much progress. I have two tubs of this stuff drying. I want to chop it up finely and mix with three tubs of more conventional compost that I infused with all...
  2. DWB

    BSF vs Farm Compost

    I have a large supply of captive BSF larvae that have been going and growing for 2½ months. They live in 15 gallon buckets of compost "tea". They're eating well and have to be multiplying constantly but I'm not exactly sure how that works.   I'm also making dry compost from the organic materials...
  3. DWB

    shade Question for deep south growers using shade cloth

    Is there a certain point in the last half of the season (when the days are getting shorter) you think it beneficial to completely remove the shade cloth and let them have full, all-day sun?   My plants seem to be doing well after they escape from the 30% shade. It's hard for me to know if they...
  4. DWB

    Help with pole beans please

    Old Homestead heirloom variety pole beans. Originally developed in Texas and supposed be a heat tolerant strain but I'm not believing it.   Twelve, 3-week old starts were planted May 6 and seeds for 12 more plants were put in the ground May 7. We started picking a lot of beans later in May but...
  5. DWB

    Can't update an ongoing topic

    I'm trying to post an update to one of my old and ongoing topics.   It is properly auto-saving my content but when I push a post or preview button, it kicks straight out to the main forum...
  6. DWB

    Help with worm ID

    It doesn't match any of the pictures I can find but the closest thing is striped armyworm. It's about 7 mm in length. I spayed my patch with spinosad yesterday so hopefully they'll be gone in another day or two. I'll get BT for backup.          
  7. DWB

    And I thought peppers were easy to clone

    Tomatoes must be slam dunk easy. I broke the top off one of my A Grappoli D'Inverno plants when detwangling it from the others to remove it from the indoor nursery area the Friday before last. I quicklike brought it in and stuck it into a jar with a yellow scorpion branch that's been growing...
  8. DWB

    music Anybody like Pink Floyd?

    Here's a tip. Brit Floyd.   We used to go way out of our way at every opportunity to see Pink Floyd but the last time that happened was their last tour in 1994 when we saw them in New Orleans and it was effenepic. After many years of hopefully waiting, it eventually became apparent it would...
  9. DWB

    Crazy tomato seedlings

    Some of my tomato seedlings are doing some crazy stuff. This one is A Grappoli D'Inverno. I have some Amish Paste that did the same thing. I germinated under a humidity dome at 82-ish. These seeds popped quick and shot out like silly string. As soon as they pop, I move them into a light chamber...
  10. DWB

    condiment Here's one you'll want to avoid

    Buc-ee's Carolina Reaper Salsa.   The first Buc-ee's travel center outside of Texas just opened in our county. 50 pumps and 50,000 square feet of genuine goodness imported from Texas. According to the local news, this is A Big Thing for L.A. My wife stopped in there yesterday to look around and...
  11. DWB

    Tiny tags

    Not exactly high tech but they make my growing easier. These little tags work great for 30 ml medicine cups or peat pellets if you germinate in things like this. Cheap too at a penny apiece. Only bad thing is they come on the slow boat from China. The free shipping package arrives in about three...
  12. DWB

    Anyone use LED on a light mover?

    Do you find you can keep the light panel closer to the plants without burning them?   I don't know how close these lights can be to the plants but the manufacturer recommendations begin at 36". So far I learned when I moved a 1000w panel to 26" above the plants, all the burning, bleaching and...
  13. DWB

    2019 Hay Bale Pepper Patch

    I've been a member for a while but never posted a grow log. My usual garden is too boring for that. I use 20-30 pots and overwinter my mama plants in a hillbilly winter shelter. Our ground here isn't good for in soil gardening and I've not been enthused enough to undertake the work and expense...
  14. DWB


    I was getting nervous about our 18 year old 15.2 cf Whirlpool freezer and I was getting real tired of defrosting it so I got a new 17.7 cf frost-free Whirlpool. After debating with myself over what to do with the old one, I decided to convert it to a refrigerator. I bought an external Century...
  15. DWB

    So good to have fresh peppers

    Fire in the belly thanks to the Carolina Reaper. Feels good.
  16. DWB

    snack-food Paqui chips

    My wife got me a bag of Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper chips for a long road trip that begins tomorrow. I'm fairly certain these won't be anything like those challenge chips I've read about here but I hope they're delicious and interesting. It's hard to dip superhot salsa and drive so maybe these...
  17. DWB

    Very spicy healthy candy

    Made from crystallized xylitol and simple flavors, this is a very healthy and delicious hard candy. Xylitol is a natural sweetener derived from birch trees with the expected 4 carbohydrate calories per gram but unlike sugar, it has a glycemic index that approximates cauliflower. It's a great...
  18. DWB

    Herbicide damage?

    On May 26 my neighbor sprayed his peanuts with 2,4-DB that drifted to my property in a high wind. A few pots of peppers that were close to the property line ain't looking so great and I'm thinking it's herbicide damage. I hauled all of my plants to the pumphouse and sprayed them down with a mist...
  19. DWB

    Silly plants

    These are scorpion and reaper branches I cut off plants in November so they could fit in the winter shelter. They all had green pods so I brought them in and stuck them in a pitcher of water so they could sit in the window and ripen. The pods did ripen nicely and since then these sticks have...
  20. DWB

    Horse cookies

    My wife gives the horse a couple of these every day for treats. This is one that came out of the bag today. Miss Uni-orange-verse. Don't tell Donnie because this is his kind of girl. She's the properly matching color and she can't talk back. Think he would grab her kitty?