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    About 2 months ago, I started germinating 25 + varieties of pepper seeds. Each variety has there own plastic baggie, that had hydrogen peroxide, water, seeds and coffee filters in. For the first 2 weeks, I had the seeds on a heating mat. Not one of the seeds has germinated and I don't know where...
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    Hot pepper Candy Recipe....?.????

    I have some bhut Jolkia powder and 7 pod powder and want to make hot candy. Looking all over the internet has only gave me one recipe. I'm thinking about making some suckers and a jaw breaker. Please if any one has a recipe, please share. A recipe without corn syrup is preferred. Thank you.
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    Today I tried my first curry ever and it was so good! It was extra hot green curry from a Thai restraint. The heat was ok.(I put super hot powder on everything, so tolerance is higher than an average joe) What curry's do you eat? Which curry should I try next?
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    Thank You Mgold86 AND 96Strat!!!!!

    I just wanted to say thank you both for the stuff you sent me~! The sauces are great, along with the powders and the pods!!!     <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
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    New Pepper Color Mutation???

                  Hello guys, I have been growing these very large cayenne pepper strain. Well, I came across this one pepper that was out of the ordinary. The whole pepper is brown!!!! Is this a mutation>? I was wondering if I grew out the seeds, would I have a chance to discover a new brown strain...
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    chinense Orange Habanero is Sweet!!!

    So two weeks ago I tried a orange hab. I got from the super market. Well it tasted like crap and was really hot. Well a person gave me a little bag of 8 garden grown orange Habs. They tasted better, but still was too hot for me to really taste it. Every few days I'm trying to eat a pod to build...
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    Open Pollination ????

    Hey guys, so I was thinking. I'm going to try to have a huge grow with many varieties. Thanks to thp members, I got really cool seeds. The question is since a lot are prob. Op. Whats the chances of having a crossed plant, instead of having what I'm trying to grow?
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    Aji Brazilian Starfish

    Hello chili heads ;), I am looking for some isolated Brazilian Starfish pepper seeds. Please pm me if intrested in a trade. I will then pm you with the list of seeds I have to trade. This is the last pepper I need for my collection. :-D Thanks...
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    video First Time Eating a Super Hot!!!! (Video) Not a fun time!!!

                                So a couple days ago I found a ripe ghost pepper on my plant. I had a strong urge to try it, so well...I did lol. I had 4 glasses of milk with a pb and j before I ate it. Soon after I ate the pepper, I had a half gallon of milk and alot of sour cream. I couldn't...
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    trade Trade?????

                     Hello guys, ever thought about adding a little color to your garden? Well look no further. I am offering Holly Hock seeds. These big, pretty flowers, draws the eye in. Also, they attract humming birds and butterflies. I am open to all seed trades.        I am really interested...
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    What type of Ghost Pepper is this?                                     Hello guys, I bought this plant a few months ago at a nursery. Could you tell me what type of Ghost pepper this is? It's taking along time for the pods to turn...
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    Could you help a Pepper lover out? :)

                Hello, I have been really interested in pepper's. I have a few basic pepper plants right now. My plan is to start growing plants indoors in fall/winter so I can have a big harvest for next year. Does anyone have any free seeds they could give me? I don't really have any seeds...