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    Newks Hot Sauce Coloring Book!

    The Newks Coloring Book is on the way! With illustrations by Gillian Rose, Marvin Velasco and Jo Moyer Battick. This is shaping up to be a really fun book.   We are seeking funding for the book and giving rewards of hot sauces, swag and of course, copies of the coloring book.   Check it out and...
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    bottles-jars Sanitizing Bottles without Heat

    I’m thinking of streamlining my bottle sterilization process. I now am using star san, 1 oz for 5 gallon bucket as recommended. Soaking the bottles in that. Draining once the sauce is at temp and bottling. I used to put the bottles in the oven at 200 after sanitizing, as an extra step.    It’s...
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    misc Gallons for Hot Sauce

    I got a big deal with a restaurant coming up. They need like 15-25 gallons of hot sauce bottled.  Where do you get em? Berlin Packaging?   Thanks
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    Switching From Dry Reaper Pods to Fresh Reaper Peppers. Advice?

    Hey!   So, has anyone ever shifted their recipe from using dry, dehydrated reaper pods to using fresh peppers?   I have a recipe that is very locked in, which uses reapers.  I have always had to use the dry pods, but now I have a fresh pepper supplier.  Any advice on making this transition...
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    Pad Thai Peanut hot sauce?

    Hey everyone -   I'm curious - outside of the tradiitonal pepper hot sauces we discuss here - has anyone ever made a pad thai hot sauce?   I love peanut based sauces, but I am mostly curious....Is a traditional pad thai sauce considered acidified? Does it have. pH level below 4.0 usually?   Any...
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    marketing Vinyl Banners for Farmers Markets / Expos

    Hello!   About to start my first farmers market. I got my 10x10 tent, and my table and table cloth.  Now I just need to get a banner or two made.   Curious - do you do this service online somewhere? If so, where? How much should I expect to pay? Do you think a banner usually looks best draped...
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    preservation Preserving Tomatoes For A Couple Days w/o Refrigeration

    hey yall   I am doing a giant batch of sauces 1200 5 oz bottles on Sunday.  I have weighed out my recipe and washed all my veg.  I cut the ends off of all my tomatoes, which are perfectly ripe and ready to go.  However, since I have 2 days, and no refrigerator space, I am contemplating either...
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    vendor Wholesale Selling and Shipping Pallets

    Hi.  I've had a big break and am selling 1200 bottles at wholesale. I need to also ship these bottles across the country.   How many cases can usually fit on a pallet? How much does it cost to ship a pallet? Is it a flat rate fee or is it by weight?  These are 5 oz bottles in cases of 12.
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    Carolina Reaper Pepper Supplier?

    I need 2 lbs of dried carolina reaper pepper.  Any suggestions?
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    Scaling up from 100 bottles to 2000 bottles. Advice needed!

    HI!    I have been contacted by a distributor to buy 2,000 bottles of my hot sauce at whole sale price.   I have been operating out of my home licensed kitchen up until now, making at most, 100 bottles a day.     In order to make 2,000 bottles I will need to buy some new equipment and rent a...
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    Scaling Up! 2,000 bottles. Bottling equipment? Blending? Help me.

    HI!    I have been contacted by a distributor to buy 2,000 bottles of my hot sauce at whole sale price.   I have been operating out of my home licensed kitchen up until now, making at most, 100 bottles a day.   In order to make 2,000 bottles I will need to buy some new equipment and rent a...
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    pH Average Shelf Life of Hot Sauce batch (below 4.0pH)

    Hi!   Establishing my business here.  In Oregon, we don't need to do shelf life testing or Nutritial Facts unless we sell over something like 10k bottles a year.  So, I am putting my start up funds in other departments for the time being.   I am curious, how long does a shelf stable hot sauce...
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    shipping Shipping Boxes for three 5 oz bottles

    Hey!   I launched a kickstarter for my small hot sauce company. It's been very successful so far, and I have sold a lot of 3 bottle bundles.  I have sourced boxes to sell one bottle at a time, but I am curious if anyone has seen any boxes that are designed to hold three 5 ounce bottles?   ...
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    campaign NEWKS Hot Sauce Kickstarter Campaign!

    Hello everyone! It would mean the world to me if you would take a moment to view my Kickstarter campaign.     I like most of you, have started a small LLC for my hot sauce company.  I have 3 recipes available and am in the stages of beign accepted in my Farmer's Markets starting in the spring. I...
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    Free Bottles of NEWKS Hot Sauce For Review

    Hi!    I'm a small start up, been working consistently on getting my hot sauce company established.  I have 2 recipes completely finished. One is a mild, and one is a hot sauce.   I would love to send out complimentary bottles to anyone who may be willing to write a review or feature on their...
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    business Farmers Markets

    Hey -   I'm looking for basic stats on how successful or not successful hot sauce stands tend to be at farmers markets. I am sitll working on getting my company up and running. I have established the LLC, got my food handlers card, tested my main recipe at a lab, but I still have lots more steps...
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    Chipotle Peppers 101

    Hi!   Want to experiment with a chipotle hot sauce. I bought some dried chipotle peppers online.   Here's what I bought:   Do chipotle sauces usually get made out of a variety of chipotle and other...
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    labels Same Sauce and Recipe with Different Label Variations (One Lab Test?)

    If I have the same recipe in multiple bottles with different label designs - all cooked from the same cooking and bottling session - do I need to get them tested separately or will one lab test be enough for all the bottles?     Thanks!
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    business LLC?

    Is getting an LLC setup for my small but growing hot sauce comapny worth doing? I am getting mixed answers online.  It's really time to 'go legit' but damn I always stall out on making the next move due to not really knowing what I have to do next.  Do you have an LLC? Thanks!
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    bottles-jars Making a Hot Sauce Bottle Look Like a Champagne Bottle

    Hey!   I am brainstorming a fun idea.  My friend and I want to make a special bottle of hot sauce that looks like a tiny champagne bottle! Of course a lot of this will come from the design of the label, but I'm curious if anyone has seen any types of creative corck tops for lids or any foil type...