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  1. BigB

    water Drip system specs for potted plants in the desert?

    Going to have 6 -10 plants on a drip system. My courtyard gets some pretty decent sun in Las Vegas but I have two trees which provide some shade. I already have a drip system in the house that I bought but want to modify to add to my own plants. I plan on putting them into each grow bag...
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    flavor Favorite varieties with lots of flavor? Looking to start growing again

    I actually see the plant on but they're sold out of it
  3. BigB

    flavor Favorite varieties with lots of flavor? Looking to start growing again

    I went there begging for some seeds lol
  4. BigB

    P. Dreadie Memorial Group Grow 2016

    Would anyone happen to have any spare seeds? I'd love to try to grow this variety, it came highly recommended. Just getting back into growing after a long hiatus and MoA SB's are my current fav.
  5. BigB

    flavor Favorite varieties with lots of flavor? Looking to start growing again

    Been out of the game for a hot minute. Looking to grow probably 6-10 plants here in Las Vegas. I also own an aero garden which I could possibly grow something small in too. What do you guys think? My all time favorite is MoA scotch bonnet, but if there are very mild peppers or even sweet...
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    I'm Back

    Hey guys, I'm back from a long hiatus. After my 2nd year of medical school, I no longer lived in a house and never had any real opportunity for growing, with all the moving. Now, I'm settled in vegas, own a house and have a little courtyard and a small little vertical hydroponic garden. Tried...
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    Everything Fried

    i don't think i've ever seen someone deep fry salmon before
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    Comida South America!

    is peruvian ceviche traditionally made with aji amarillo or aji limon?
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    The Ramen Lover's Thread

  10. BigB

    The Ramen Lover's Thread

      oh man, i've seen so many youtubers go to kikanbo. their ramen loots spicy 
  11. BigB

    Comida South America!

      this is like dream meal to the max. Picanha is the best steak by far and those blood sausages and the curled sausages, you know the way to my coronary artery <3
  12. BigB

    outdoors a fishing thread

    i've got my board examination in 9  days. then possibly 3 weeks off. hopefully many fish pictures soon to come
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    The Ramen Lover's Thread

        make a bunch of stock, reduce it to the max and concentrate it, freeze it in ice cube trays. i do that with the lobster carcasses when lobster season opens and i max out   if you  like thai tom yum flavor though, MAMA ramen has a delicious tom yum and creamy tum yum. good for sea food, but...
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    The Ramen Lover's Thread

      is there's ramen in there somewhere? lol     Edit* Never mind, i just scrolled up and saw you made it with ramen previously. I was this is a ramen thread but no ramen in this dish haha
  15. BigB

    Strange New Pepper Found. Identification?

    kinda looks like...
  16. BigB

    lighting feed/lights - they're up

    when i started plants indoors, i would do about 18 on-6off hrs via timer. i would make sure the lights were roughly 6"-12" away from the plans as to not burn them. Keep them in the cups until you see roots coming out the bottom (poke holes so it can drain) and that's when you can transfer to a...
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    so is no longer selling seeds? i just recommended that website to someone lol 
  18. BigB

    Sous Vide and Fiery Foods

    sous vide pork chop with a pan thyme marsala sauce  
  19. BigB

    Sous Vide and Fiery Foods

    revival from the dead   pan seared sous vide pork chop (using benton's bacon fat) with a rosemary mushroom pan sauce  
  20. BigB

    The General Taco thread. All things taco.

    homemade chorizo, queso, and salsa verde