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  1. Hawkins

    Would anyone want to help with a seed project this year?

    So there is this guy on YouTube called The Best Garden Channel. I have no connections to him what so ever, but I have received seeds from him in the past. And what he does is send out seed packs to people that subscribed to him and request them. I think that's great, my pepper journey started...
  2. Hawkins

    $20 shipped in the USA mixed seed lot!

    10 packs of at least 10 seeds per pack, labeled, with USPS shipping and tracking in a bubble mailer. Will include a bonus pack of Khang Starr Lemon Starrburst in each pack.   Each pack would include   Pequin Aji Charapita Jimmy Nardello Datil Jalapeno Lemon Spice   and the final 5 will be...
  3. Hawkins

    Yelanfam Farms 2020 GLOG

    I mean, where TF should really even start...   This time last year I all ready had seedlings and the start of a new jungle.   This year I haven't planted a single seed yet(I learned my lesson last year about planting too early).   But this weekend all the chinense will hit the dirt.   The plan...
  4. Hawkins

    Thought you all might enjoy the Coyote Zan White and Pear sauce I made.

    I fermented for about 2 months, and then blended with fresh pears, Honey harvested from bees across the street, fresh orange juice, and white vinegar. I cooked it to kill the fermentation then bottled it up.  
  5. Hawkins

    wanted I Have Khang Starr Lemon Starrburst and more, anyone want to trade?

    Looking for pepperoncinis for sure, I want to ferment some this year.   Also any mild to sweet varieties are welcome.
  6. Hawkins

    Overpicked from todays orders Aji Lemon Drop, and Coyote Zan White. $22 shipped.

    A ton of these will fit in a box that's why it's $22 for a SFRB.  
  7. Hawkins

    2019 Fresh In Shell Pecans!

    I know it's not peppers, but with the holidays pecans are very popular to use so figured some may be interested. I've got over a hundred pounds all ready to go with more falling everyday.   Fun Fact: My great grandpaw planted these trees many years before I was even thought of.     2019...
  8. Hawkins

    wanted Picked too many Jays Peach Ghost Scorpions today, anyone want a box for $20 shipped tomorrow?

    I typically do not like to pre pick before shipping, but I picked way more than needed for an order earlier, and I can fill 2 small boxes.   Edit meant to be $18 a box.
  9. Hawkins

    SFRB of Datils $25 picked and shipped Monday.

    Will post a pick later today.
  10. Hawkins

    Anyone need a lot of Scotch Bonnets?

    I could probably fill a large flat rate full. Need to know in the next few days to ship out on Monday.
  11. Hawkins

    Fresh Powders

    $6 each plus shipping.   3x Khang Starr Lemon Starrburst 2x Super Hot Mix
  12. Hawkins

    $20 SFRB Shipped of Super Hots

    Will Ship Out Monday-Wednesday.   Will include a free pack of seeds with each order. +$10 if you want them labeled.
  13. Hawkins

    Shipping Fresh Pods

    I would consider this a preorder basically since I will only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays, possibly Wednesdays depending on location.   $25 for a small flat rate box of unlabeled pods, we can work something out if you want more. $35 for a small flat rate box of labeled pods.     *All $35...
  14. Hawkins

    Best Way To Save a Bunch of Different Seeds.

    So I'm growing many different types of peppers this year that I've never grown before. I know to wait until they are fully ripe, but I'm just wondering about yellow, mustard, purple, chocolate types, .etc. Basically anything other then red. I've got a Chocolate Bhutlah that is finally turning...
  15. Hawkins

    Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Satan Strain?

    What do y'all think.
  16. Hawkins

    pod Was supposed to be a Butch T. Scorpion

    Nice looking pod though, but I'm not confident it's a Butch T. Scorpion.  
  17. Hawkins

    Where to get seeds from their creators?

    Carolina Reaper- from PrimosPeppers, jk haha, Puckerbutt Pepper Company 7 Pot Primo- PrimosPeppers Khang Starr Lemon Starrburst- Get lucky and get them from him directly or from someone who has.       What are some other peppers that people have created and have a big name that you can buy...
  18. Hawkins

    Lemon Drop and Sugar Rush Peach Confirmation.

    So I've never grew either of these, but the supposed Aji Lemon Drop is turning darkish, is that normal before yellow? Also these Aji Sugar Rush Peach pods are not looking like the ones from the Baker Creek image. Is this normal or it's just a random pod and it happens? I know it's nearly...
  19. Hawkins

    Pawpaw Trees and fruit.

    Does anyone here have some, I've been wanting to try them for years but have had no luck finding any anywhere.