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  1. beerbreath81

    Ripe peppers rotting on inside?

    Just need a second opinion here, it appears to be rot but I have several peppers that are looking like this mostly on the supers but have noticed on a few others too. Is it just I'm leaving them too long on plant before picking or is this a fungus??  
  2. beerbreath81

    vendor A&M Farms

    I recently placed an order with A&M Farms and wanted to say how satisfied I am with the customer service and the peppers I received. I placed an order mid-week thinking I would receive them by the end of the week. I paid through his website ( ) and used the checkout with...
  3. beerbreath81

    Pick a Tomato Contest

    Just planted my tomato seeds this last Sunday, pick a tomato from the list below. If that tomato breaks the surface first you win, if more than one breaks the surface on the same day. I will take a measurement to see which one is the tallest to determine winner. To play you must have at least...
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    Time to get this glog going, I actually started growing from seed Jan 22. Most of my seeds this year came from big thanks to Garth. I did have some from my usual vendors (Tradewinds and Baker Creek).   I used a mix of Promix and Coco Coir for growing medium and my germ rates...
  5. beerbreath81

    wanted looking for few seed varieties

    Hey Fellas,   I'm working on rebuilding my seed stocks at the moment and hoping to score the following, willing to pay/trade please message me if available   Cumra Cherry Biker Billy Red Bhut x BBG   Thanks :cheers:
  6. beerbreath81

    Anyone Selling Lemon Drops

    Still waiting on my hydroponics to produce. Cant take the wait any longer so looking for a box or even a half box.   PM me if selling   Thanks
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    Here we go with another year, been meaning for so long to get some info here. Finally have a chance, so time to get all caught up.   Started the following about the second week in Jan..   Trinidad Scorpion Mustard--2 Hungarian Wax--2 Murici--2 Rooster Spur--2 Red Manzano--2 Carolina Reaper--3...
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    Thought this was interesting............
  9. beerbreath81

    hydroponic Hydroponics Startup Help

    Howdy fellas,   Been out for a while, job had me traveling for a bit but I'm back home and ready to get after it again. So have been thinking about trying my hand at hydroponics, starting out with a single unit in my basement to get my feet wet then will see where this ride will take me. I was...
  10. beerbreath81

    Dry Aged Meats

    So been curious about doing an at home Dry Age on some steaks for July 4th. So started doing some reasearch and there seem to be many DIY methods out there. The one that really intrigued me was a product called Umai Dry Age Bags. After a few videos I was convinced that this would be the easiest...
  11. beerbreath81

    soil Potting Soil Problem

    So this weekend I was planning to pot up the seedlings I have started. The problem I have was when I went to purchase some more Promix yesterday. I noticed they were having a sale on some potting soil I have used in the past.....Vermifire. I used this last season on some mature plants and really...
  12. beerbreath81

    Beerbreath 2015---Up and Running

    Time for another season. Big hopes for a better season this year. Last year was a near complete bust for me, started out battling ferocious winds, very poor extremely hard clay soil, too much rain, and a number of other issues. I was able to learn from it, had some plants up near the house I...
  13. beerbreath81

    Please help our friend Jeff

    No donation to small, please help if you are able. You can read Jeff's story and donate at the link below. Thanks to all!
  14. beerbreath81

    Seed Swap

    As I am nearing the start of a new grow season I see that a few of my seeds are missing. As with my beerstock I blame it all on whichcraft, swear my home is haunted and move on. Hope someone out there can help me build my stock. Heres what I'm looking for....   Peter Pepper (red) TS (yellow)...
  15. beerbreath81

    Pumpkin Seeds

    Its pumpkin carving time, would like to make a batch of spicy seeds and was wondering if anyone had any spicy pumkin seed recipes to share??
  16. beerbreath81

    Easy Sauerkraut

    Figured I drop my way of making Sauerkraut in here, there are lots of different methods but this is what works for me. Additions can be added as you see fit. My ratios are 2 Tblsp sea salt per head of cabbage, topped with a 1 Tblsp. desolved in 4 cup water brine. You can do the math if doing...
  17. beerbreath81

    Mustard Bhut

    Really wanting to add this one to next years grow. Anyone have for sale or trade? Check my profile for list of seeds available.   Thanks in advance
  18. beerbreath81

    fermenting 2 New Hot Sauce Ferments

    1st--- Used mix of dried peppers (unknown) given as gift from THP member catherinew. 5 fresh Red Bhuts (pepperlover) 2 packs frozen raspberries 1 pack frozen strawberries   Bring 2 quarts water to boil, remove from heat and add dried peppers, (de-stemed/seeded) and 6 Tbls sea salt. Steep dried...
  19. beerbreath81

    Summer Fun

    There is always so much to do in the summer its good to get away for a day of fun.  I really enjoy the time of year when fairs get kicked off. Let' see some pics  
  20. beerbreath81

    Carolina Reaper, TS or ????

    So I picked up so seeds on here from a member that is no longer with us, I sent this plant to someone in NY and was concerned that the plant I sent may not be a true carolina reaper and asked that he send some pics to identify whether or not they are carolina reapers. I think these look like TS...