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  1. AzJon

    recipe-wanted Aji Limon recipe?

    Howdy gang! I've got a wee aji limon that's had a hard life. It has stayed quite small and only produces a few peppers a year. Right now I've got two peppers that are yellow with a third about 50% changed. Any recipe ideas for 3 (lol) aji limon peppers?
  2. AzJon

    food-safety roasting onions and garlic without oil

    Searched the forum and didn't find any specific answer to this multi-part question. 1. Do any of you add roasted onions/garlic to your sauces? 2. If yes, do you use oil? 3. If you do, but do not use oil, what technique do you use? 4. Does a little oil really matter in a hotsauce that is...
  3. AzJon

    Anyone here in or around the San Francisco Bay Area?

    I'm going to be in the City next week and was wondering if anyone had any hot tips on hot sauces to look into while I'm there. I know Palo Alto Firefighters is there and so is Lucky Dog. Anyone else?
  4. AzJon

    misc What is more important, the sauce itself or the marketing behind it?

    Wasn't sure how to categorize this, so if inappropriate, please alter or remove. The short back-story: I tried my hand at suace making a few years ago, decided I needed more exposure, got the Heatonist hot sauce subscription, and tried tons of hot sauces from them and other places. Then I lost...
  5. AzJon

    flavor Poppy Seeds in a Hot Sauce?

    I have a jar of poppy seeds sitting nearby and it got me thinking: would poppy seeds do anything in a sauce?
  6. AzJon

    recipe Italian Ghost Sauce

    Morning! I've been wanting to put together a rustic, Italian-inspired style hot sauce. My idea is as follows: 1.5 cups white wine vinegar 1 cup sun dried tomatoes 1 medium sized sweet onion 4 garlic cloves 6 ghost peppers 1 large reg bell pepper 1 tbsp aged balsamic 1 heaping tbsp herb...
  7. AzJon

    recipe-wanted What's your best pure habanero recipe?

    Howdy all! Back after along hiatus and diving back into hot sauce making. Quick backstory: a few years ago, I had a habanero sauce from a friend of a friend and it was awesome. It had tons of hab flavor, wasn't super sharp from the vinegar, and was so tasty, I could literally pour a teaspoon...
  8. AzJon

    Dealing with Grasshoppers

    I did a check through the forums, but didn't find anything grasshopper specific, so here we are.   My guijillos have been going along nicely. Two days ago, I saw one was starting to turn red! Woohoo!   Today, checked back at the garden and the entire end of the chile was eaten off. There are a...
  9. AzJon

    The Guijillos are going crazy!

    Pepper update:     I've got about 5 peppers on my plant right now. Do I need to set these guys up with some cages for stability?
  10. AzJon

    bottles-jars Where to buy bottles?

    So, since I smashed what was left of my bottles last night, I thought I would order some more today.   Now, I used to use Berlin Packaging, where I could order two cases and call it a day. However, they have changed their ordering requirements to a minimum of $100 purchases. Which means I would...
  11. AzJon

    My first wee pepper!

    It's not much but I'm proud. This little fella is a Fresno and he's my first. We had one of our infamous June frosts two nights ago and, despite covering them, I was afraid the peppers would suffer. They all seemed to survive and even have one little pepper going! This is very exciting.  
  12. AzJon

    recipe Scorpion pineapple sauce

    Howdy all!   So, my local grocer had some scorpions! This is very exciting.   Anyhow, I thought I would try a new recipe idea I had kicking around. I would love your feedback before getting going.   1 pineapple, grilled   2 onions   3 garlic cloves   chopped fresh cilantro   1 or 2 scorpions   2...
  13. AzJon

    preservation Preserving garlic acridness

    Hello everyone!   So, in my adventures of hot sauce making (lactic acid arrives tomorrow to play with :D), I hit another realization: my fermented sauces end up with a much more acrid bite from my garlic.   This makes sense given that I'm cooking the peppers and such before processing with a...
  14. AzJon

    Standardizing recipes

    Hey all,   I realized after posting a recipe in another thread, that it may not be the normal or best way to do it for standardization.   Are most recipes written, at least for production ore repeating a recipe, similar to baker's math? E.g. habanero 20%, Salt 5%, Vinegar 40%, etc?   Just...
  15. AzJon

    preservation Vinegar alternatives

    Howdy all!   Quick background, I really only make fermented hot sauces and know how to use that method to create acidity in the sauce.   What I'm curious about is making hot sauces using other acids to drive down pH. I have a few sauces that I ferment and have friends asking for it regularly. I...
  16. AzJon


    Hi There!   I'm Jon and I'm from Arizona, if the username didn't give that away. I really enjoy hot sauces and have been making my own for the last year or so. I really want to learn more about making sauces and refining technique.   I'm not a seller in any capacity, but would be interested in...