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  1. ProjectileTeeth

    I discovered One Weird Trick. Thought I’d share:

    If you have a mason jar grabber, just turn it upside down. Perfect for woozy bottles.
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    If you use a food mill, what do you do with the leftover solids?

    Are there any culinary uses? Ive just been throwing it into the compost.
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    business I found a way to produce and sell my sauce. All I need to do is pull the trigger.

    I've been making sauce in my kitchen for the past year and a half, giving bottles out as gifts, bringing them to work, parties, etc. I've got some fans, some people ordering bottles from me, people telling me I should sell it for a living. I'm sure other people know what this is like, and it's...
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    fermenting Would anyone say there are certain milemarkers in fermentation?

    Just curious. I'm still new to experimenting with fermentation. I made a couple batches of fermented reaper sauce, and fermented chocolate habanero sauce last year, and both turned out nice and funky. I let them both go two months before processing. Now I'm fermenting a one gallon container of...
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    shopping Wife and I are looking at buying a house. Don’t know if I should bother trying to grow, this year.

    I am kind of late starting my seeds off this year because my wife and I have been busy so far in 2020. We found out in November that shes pregnant with twins, and though weve been thinking about moving for a few years, we definitely have to get out of this duplex before August comes around. My...
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    business Coworker wants to buy four bottles from me (at least)

    I don't know if this is the appropriate sub-forum to post this in, but a coworker told me she wanted to buy some of my hot sauce after I gave her a complimentary bottle (we are both chili-heads--she's a 65-year-old Puerto Rican woman who gives me fermented chilis from time to time, and I give...
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    Horseradish! I have no idea what to do.

    I planted a couple horseradish plants in my front yard back in April, and now I think it's getting to be around the time I should harvest them. Well, it. One got eaten by bunnies, I doubt there's anything there. The other one thrived, though. Questions: -When should I pull it out of the...
  8. ProjectileTeeth

    seeds Birthday is in eight days, wife and family know I want seeds. I just don't know which ones.

    2019 was my first year growing peppers from seed, and I'd say it was pretty successful. I had 20 plants grown from seed, 2 bought as young plants, and one that I successfully overwintered from last year. 2020 is going to be even better, because I've learned a lot. Problem is, I don't know what...
  9. ProjectileTeeth

    misc Never had a problem with capsaicin getting on my hands until I handled some reapers. How to get it o

    So I bought latex gloves. After handling about a quart of carolina reapers, my hands burned for two days, so I could not touch any sensitive areas (eyes, etc.) without cursing at myself. Washed my hands with dawn dish soap probably a dozen times, and walnut soap too, to take some skin off. So I...
  10. ProjectileTeeth

    Has anyone ever heard of Sekana (sp?) from Mozambique?

    So my wife and I stopped at a Mozambican restaurant in Lisbon while on our honeymoon, and we ordered samosas for our appetizer. These were much smaller than typical Indian samosas, and filled with ground chicken and cilantro and plenty of other things, which I forgot. They were delicious...
  11. ProjectileTeeth

    smoking Just got a smoker. Peppers are popping off the vines, and I desperately want to smoke some. Need adv

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted here. I think I'll post some pics of what I've grown this year, after I address this: SO. I want to smoke some peppers and make hot sauce from them. I want to know what your preferred methods might be. I have a Weber Smokey Mountain 14". I just...
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    Cleveland weather this year has been uncharacteristically WET. Expecting a full week of thunderstorm

    All of my peppers are in pots on the porch. 2/3rds of them are in fabric pots, the rest are in plastic pots. All of the ones in fabric pots are outside the overhang over the porch, all of the ones in plastic pots are situated on the wall of the porch, so they would get less rain. Should I...
  13. ProjectileTeeth

    seeds Zone 6b grower, been growing plants from seeds since late January, no buds/flowers/fruit yet.

    So I've been growing my plants from seed since late January, and they're still quite small, I'd say. I don't know if this is par for the course because maybe I got too late of a start and I ran into a fungus gnat problem (only saw a couple) from overwatering in probably around February. I backed...
  14. ProjectileTeeth

    What is digging into my potted peppers? Dirt flung out of pot, shallow holes.

    So I came home from work today and found my overwintered habanero looking like this. Is it birds? Squirrels? I found something that looked like a tree nut in the pot, so Im thinking squirrels. Any tips on keeping them away? Fiancée and I just walked to a restaurant a couple blocks away, and...
  15. ProjectileTeeth

    Hardening off advice?

    Hi all, I'm growing peppers from seed for the first time this year. I've been growing the seedlings in transparent solo cups (double-cup method), and I didn't have a fan on them. They're not looking that leggy, but I did transplant a reaper to a large pot and it's been outside for a couple weeks...
  16. ProjectileTeeth

    I made a cilantro/lime/serrano sauce and I used WAY too many limes

    How do I bring it back from Acid Town? I like the heat, and the flavor is good initially, but over the course of a meal, it is waaay too sour. I need to pull it back and tone it down.
  17. ProjectileTeeth

    health My Serrano isn’t doing so hot. Help me figure out what’s wrong?

    Okay, so this summer I had a serrano and a habanero plant in containers on my porch, and both did pretty well, as far as I could tell (first year doing this). I brought them both in when it started getting cold, and I chopped up the habanero down to its stalks, and it has recovered nicely. I...
  18. ProjectileTeeth

    Weather is dropping to 50 degrees F (10 degrees C)—should I harvest all my peppers now?

    Its starting to get colder here, and its predicted to stay around this temperature. Do I need to pluck my peppers now? What about unripened and immature ones? Do I need to bonsai-ify my plants and bring them in? What does everyone else do? Save seeds and plant next year?
  19. ProjectileTeeth

    I made some tropical fruit habanero sauce last night. Wanted to share and ask questions:

    Here is my recipe (questions after): 26 habaneros 10 serranos 1 ghost pepper 1 mango Juice of 2 limes 12 oz of pineapple juice 3 cups Apple cider vinegar 2 cups water 1 onion 4 cloves of garlic 3 carrots Unmeasured: Smoked paprika Dash of liquid smoke Salt Olive oil Put olive oil and salt on...
  20. ProjectileTeeth

    Hi, Cleveland guy here. Started growing hot peppers and making hot sauce this year. Here to learn so

    Hello! I'm growing hot peppers for the first time in my life, this year, and I'm really excited about the possibilities! Made my own hot sauce on Saturday, and I can't wait to make more, and grow more plants next year.