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    pest Holes in Peppers

    i had several peppers with small holes like that last year, and i believe it was EARWIGS that were responsible. i feel like the holes on mine were brown/black around the edge, although maybe that only happened over time and yours are just "fresher".
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    heat Extracts: Advanced Home Techniques

    which peppers do i need to eat to travel back in time?
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    Sulsa's 2022 grow log

    feel like i once read (and it's logical) that the shape of a leaf is designed to make it catch and funnel water down the stem of the plant to the earth it's buried in. it could be the case that the leaf will turn upside-down if the plant feels itself to be too wet and it does not want to...
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    Growyourown 2022: TURNING IT WAY UP

    WOW I TOOK A ____ OF A LONG TIME TO UPDATE THIS. there was nothing really to report, as the plants had maxed out their 4" pots and were wanting more but i couldn't put them outside yet. lots of plants were flowering and a couple even started a pod. the last 6 weeks since my update, though, there...
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    Growyourown 2022: TURNING IT WAY UP

    it's usually mid-to-late may until all risk of frost is gone around here.
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    Growyourown 2022: TURNING IT WAY UP

    hope everyone had a fun and safe easter and 4/20... update: several plants Y'ing, lots of plants are getting big, weather outside has been fluctuating between 15c highs with some nights being mild and others below zero with snow. on with pics reaper red: reaper purple: apoc-choc-scorp...
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    Tokyo off-season 2021-2022: More Tent Fun

    i bought this light in january, and it runs quite cool imo. the fan is big and does make some noise, but not enough to be bothersome, if you had the tv on or were in the next room. this is the first one i've ever bought though, so i have no comparison for the loudness/heat compared to others...
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    Growyourown 2022: TURNING IT WAY UP

    thanks for that. like i said, i have never and prefer to let things be. for now i'm holding pat, but who knows if my curiosity will get the better of me in the future.
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    Growyourown 2022: TURNING IT WAY UP

    time for a quick update. BUDS starting at the tops of a couple of the most developed plants. too small to get a pic, but encouraging. they grow up so fast... late birthday gift from my mom was this greenhouse kit. the plants on it are just when i was separating out all the varieties for the...
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    How do I make the heat of capsaicin last as long as possible

    if it's for a prank, be sure you know your target. remember in dumb and dumber when they give the bad guy the hot pepper and he's got an ulcer? extreme levels of capsaicin can kill...
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    Growyourown 2022: TURNING IT WAY UP

    another 3 weeks later, guess it's time for an update. once all the plants are up and have leaves, from one day to the next it's hard to see or appreciate the growth happening. but compared to the pics from my last post, we are off to the races!! without further ado: reapers red and purple -...
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    Growyourown 2022: TURNING IT WAY UP

    took two weeks to make it, but here's an update. potted up to 4" pots i got off amazon after jjj's advice. they arrived on the 5th and i transplanted some 40 plants. with about ten still left to go, i ran out of dirt. amazon delivered some in two days and i did the rest, plus the less advanced...
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    recipe-wanted Percentage of acid or acid by weight methods?

    i am not an expert (probably barely even a novice) but the short answer, i think, is no. the reason being that the initial pH of the peppers/food items is going to vary somewhat, and then magnify that by the fact (unless i'm wrong) that pH is a logarithmic scale, meaning pH 4.0 is ten times more...
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    news What's the latest news on "Pepper X" ?

    i've read about ed being slimy, and i'm not here to say anything about "pepper x" specifically. instead, i am having one of those stream-of-consciousness moments where i've just thought, strictly speaking, isn't "the hottest pepper in the world" the one single pod that registers the highest SHU...
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    Growyourown 2022: TURNING IT WAY UP

    the light has a powerful fan and is quite cool so i definitely could move it closer. it is quite bright though, as i tried to find the highest PARS value for the price range. i thought i read (maybe on the amazon ad for this or another light) to have it 24-30 inches away prior to germ, and 18...
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    Growyourown 2022: TURNING IT WAY UP

    once again i have done what i said i was going to do. last sunday the 23rd i started soaking some more seeds. i rationed them so that i still retained 6 original seeds for next year of each of the varieties i was sowing more of. (all the seeds came in "10-packs" but included 14-16 actual seeds -...
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    baccatum Largest baccatum

    oh i never knew i could specify which type i wanted as the loyalty bonus (i received reaper purple this time). but these aji fantasy were an additional free offer, they even explicitly mentioned as such
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    baccatum Largest baccatum

    canadian seed vendor "atlantic pepper seeds" ( is giving away a free pack of aji fantasy white with every order (in addition to another mystery item). at least this was the case when i ordered in late december. just make sure you find the listing for "aji fantasy white free pack"...
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    Growyourown 2022: TURNING IT WAY UP

    Welcome, my esteemed peers, to my 2nd annual glog. This will be my best attempt by far. No way it could be worse than my pitiful entry from last year, not even going to include a link to that stinky p.o.s. #1 – WIN BEFORE YOU BEGIN: i did what i said i was gonna do, which is get my own setup to...