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    media reuse container media?

    I want to recharge last year's pots for this season. Here's the mix I used. 30% coco coir 25% rice hulls 25% pine fines 20% leaf compost with the following amendments to each container 1 cup azomite 1 cup humate 1 cup kelp meal 1 cup alfalfa pellets The results were not impressive but I had...
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    media method to buffer coco?

    I'm using coco for the first time this year.    I've hydrated a 5 kg brick, subsequently realized it needs to be buffered and or washed. The 5 kg brick hydrated to just about 18 gallons of media. Using litmus paper I tested the coco in distilled water that looked between 5 and 6 ph.  I have...
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    media re-amend container media

    So I've got some numbers on re-amending my container mix for the second year yet I can't remember where I got these numbers. For every gallon of soil 5 ounces of aeration and 5 ounces of compost. 10 gallons of soil would then need 6.25 cups of aeration and 6.25 cups of compost or .4 gallons of...
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    container Black containers

    I'm looking at buying some plastic grow bags again this year. I can get 5 gallon white and 10 gallon white, yet the 7 gallon bags at my local hydroponic store are black. I'm of the opinion that black absorbs radiant energy and gets hot whereas white reflects radiant energy and remains cooler...
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    Blossom End Rot

    I've got some end rot on Poblanos and various others. We had over an inch of rain last Wednesday followed by 95F temperatures. This season has been like that. A lot of rain over a couple days then dry for a bit. The 5 day forecast looks dry and 90F temps. I'm wondering If the next watering I...
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    ID this little guy

    there are several of these maybe a hundred living in the crotches of tomatillos and peppers. 
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    flea beetle

    I just figured out what eats my tomatillo leaves. I've got flea beetles in the garden, wondering If people have suggestions on controlling them. found some larger adults hiding in my peppers and some tiny ones on my tomatillos. I'm reading about using Neem oil and or Diatomaceous earth. While I...
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    organic organic fertilizers

    So I've got my plants put in their final containers, plastic grow bags. I'm wondering what people are using for organic fertilizers? I've bought a lot of stuff already this year, but don't want to skimp out now. I was planing on top dressing with the compost I'm building from kitchen scraps. My...
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    peppers plant density

    This year I'm corralling 18 -10 gallon plastic bag containers in a 4'x8' bed.  They're all peppers. Scotch Bonnet, Habanero, Jalapeno, Poblano, Aji Lemon Drop, Aji Benito, Cayenne and Jimmy Nardelo. If I don't mess them up I'm thinking this is going to be very densely populated by about August...
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    pepper obsession

    love eating peppers still trying to get a good grow season, I'm hoping this year will get me closer. This year I'm growing Habaneros, Aji lemon drops, Aji Benitos, Zapotec Jalapenos, Poblanos, Zia Pueblos, Pepperoncini and Scotch Bonnets. looking forward to getting some juicy fruit later this...