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    misc Single pepper variety vs blend

    Do you prefer to make your sauces with a single variety of peppers? Or with a blend of multiple varieties? I have been mostly making single variety sauces as a way to explore and compare the different peppers.
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    Curry peppers 2022

    I have seeds ready for 2022. Will start by reviewing varieties from past seasons, then discuss what I am growing in 2022. 2019: Orange Habanero: delicious. Will grow again at some point. Shishito: Nice peppers, but will not grow again. 2020: Trinidad pimento: excellent pepper, will try to...
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    recipe Trini Hot sauce

    We made two Trini hot sauces yesterday. Two recipes, both using Trinidad yellow congo peppers. I had ordered some empty bottles on Amazon, and they are a nice upgrade from just dumping the sauce in a jar like we have done in the past. I used recipes I found online from Ria and Jason Peru...
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    breeding Basic crossing question

    When you attempt to cross two pepper varieties of the same species, what percentage of the time do you end up with a cross rather than a self pollination?
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    Curry Tomatoes 2021

    I have 5 plants, each a different type. Golden jubilee Golden King of Siberia Sunrise bumblebee Abe Lincoln Tappys I do not have much experience with tomatoes. Last year the plants were all completely eaten by deer early in the season. This year I put up a little fence which has worked so far...
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    Cicadas have been everywhere in my yard this year, including on my pepper plants. Any cause for concern with potential damage to pepper plants? They have been so loud that going near certain trees hurts my ears.
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    favorite Favorite cookbooks?

    What are your favorite cookbooks?   I am also interested in hearing about your favorite websites for recipes.   After years of making the same few dishes over and over again, lately I am trying new recipes, and I plan on buying some cookbooks.  There are countless recipes available free online...
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    I made a jerk chicken today with 10 Foodarama yellow scotch bonnets. This was my first time making Jerk from scratch. I washed the chicken with vinegar and water, made cuts through the chicken, and then used this marinade. I smoked the chicken...
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    misc Are Capsicum annuum peppers worth growing?

    I grew shishito peppers a couple of years ago after trying them at a restaurant.  That same year, shishito peppers started showing up periodically at the grocery.     The grocery stores here usually stock a reasonable selection of Capsicum annuum peppers.  Fresh bell peppers, jalapeno...
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    Neem with potassium silicate

    Has anyone tried using neem oil with potassium silicate instead of with soap?   I found this mentioned in a few places. This idea appeals to me, as it avoids the complication of deciding which soap to use, and perhaps the potassium silicate has some additional benefit?  ...
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    Curry peppers 2020

    Growing Trinidad perfume, lemon drop, Trinidad pimento, and foodaroma scotch bonnet red and yellow. Started seedlings in February. Poor germination with the scotch bonnets. My seedlings would have done better with more light. Have had aphids since early , and I let the aphids grow for a few...
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    flavor Do colors correlate with taste?

    I see that there are numerous varieties of habanero and scotch bonnet peppers. Do peppers which share a color typically share a similar taste? Do the different red scotch bonnets taste more like each other and less like yellow scotch bonnets?
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    How to apply insecticidal soap?

    Any tips on the best way to apply insecticidal soap without harming the plant?  I have read different conflicting things online.   Best time of day to apply?  Rinse the soap off after a period of time (how long)?  Leave on plant until it rains?  Try to minimize soap in the soil?   Does the soap...
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    chinense mild Capsicum chinense peppers

    Which mild Capsicum chinense pepper is your favorite?  Which ones did you find less appealing?  How did they compare? Do they all taste about the same?  Are some of these the same peppers with different names?   Habanada Trinidad pimento Aji dulce yellow  Aji dulce red Trinidad perfume Grenanada...
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    Hello. Last year was my first year growing peppers.  I grew two plants of orange habanero.  I only got about 15 peppers, but I was very pleased with the flavor and heat.   I am interested in growing some different varieties that are not available locally.  However, I wonder if the most common...