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    pics Some of my Chili Peppers

    I have my Capsicum annuum 'Garden Salsa' which is getting some color in the peppers and are about ready to harvest (red) And I have a Habanero type called 'Chichen Itza'  which is ready for harvest,  I have maybe 6 peppers which have now turned orange and are ready for harvest.
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    I have picked out some peppers for 2021

    Well here is what I ordered from for 2021 and they will arrive the end of March   Aji Cachucha   (mild Habanero) Amazon Golden Olives  (very hot habanero) Butlah Chocolate (super hot habanero)    new Cayenne Buist's Yellow   (hot cayenne) Chupetinho  (medium habanero) Extra Hot ...
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    Well, it is almost 2021

    We are just 11 days away from New Year and 2020 will be done.  I am already looking at what I might grow in the Spring by visiting  I look forward to selecting a bunch of plants to grow in 2021,  I can say that I did pretty well with the plants that I grew in 2020 with a lot of...
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    What is going on with my Chili Peppers

    I am worried about my chili peppers as I have several blooms but they don't seem to be setting fruit.   I hope that they start setting fruit soon as it is pretty hot right now but I might move some of the other  plants to where they get more sun and see if that helps??
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    What is going on with my Chili Peppers

    Well they are growing well and I have had the opportunity to harvest a lot of different peppers including Peito de Moca, Aji Cachucha, Chupetinho, Cayenne-Buist Yellow, Bod'e Vermelho, and various Serrano peppers.   Of course, I have harvested and need to harvest a bunch of  Devil's Tongue - Red  
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    spirits OK this is under the Alcohol category

    I have made up two bottles of habanero sherry which I make using a bottle of Cream Sherry and my habanero type peppers   I maide these bottles one large and one regular 750 ml  In each case I added to the sherry chopped up Capsicum chinense peppers  principally  Devil's Tongue Red and Naga...
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    plant Two chili pepper plants I need ID's for?

    I might have to figure out how to add pictures of these plants.   I have two C. chinense I am trying to identify    Here is a picture of the fruit for one of them. I think that the other plant is a Bod'e Vermelho The fruit are small like that variety.   The picture of the fruit is the other...
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    What is going on with my Chili Peppers

    Hello everyone,   Well my plants are all growing and I actually have fruit on a few of my plants   I have one Hidalgo Pepper and one Naga Viper Pepper   I have some fruit on a Mystery Pepper from last year  and I hope it is identifiable when the fruit gets ripe.   We will see about the others as...
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    Here is my "Glog" about the peppers I am growing

    Well I have pretty much planted all of my various chili pepper plants some in full sun and several in the shade I have about two more that I need to plant into the 7 gal cloth planter bags.  I wish I knew if they would be  fine in the shadier part of the yard where I have other pots with chili...
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    seeds Growing chili peppers from seed

    Well I am about to get a 5 tier Greenhouse and a seed starter kit (tomorrow April 18th) I will be getting another seed starter kit with a dome next Monday April 20th. I already have some seeds from Pepper Joe's but I am thinking about adding more because with two seed starter kits I feel if I...
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    What are some good books about growing chili peppers

    Hello everyone   I used to have a very extensive home library which included lots of books about roses and some about chili peppers as well as many other plants.   So I thought I should ask about recommendations for books about chili peppers??
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    spirits Is everyone aware of the affect of alcohol on the capsaisin in chili peppers

    Hello,   I have been growing hot chili peppers for many years now and I have had books about Chili Peppers.   Years ago, I was reading and found one of my favorite uses of habanero type peppers. What I learned was that the capsaisin (which makes the chili's so hot) is not water soluable that...
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    I am William Groth

    Hello,   I am William Groth and I grow peppers.   I am expecting about 24 to 30 plants to be delivered next week. I will put them in Pots as we are renting our house as we were flooded out by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.   Of the plants I will receive I will be growing about 18 of them and the ...