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    popcorn with heat

    Pop some corn,spray with Hazel nut cooking spray,add the ground pepper of choice. An added addition is add grated cheese-parmison romono blend to it. Butter or pork/bacon fat adds to the flavor.
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    I need Help with my grow

    Due to stuff going on,I'd like to find out if anyone would be interested in working something out that would give them starts in trade for some help taking care of my garden. This could include access to Some of my Personal stash (5000+species,Varieties and crosses of seeds).   Green Arrow...
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    pocket watches

    Is anyone into pocket watches? I have My Grandfathers solid gold , 1855 Elgin Nate pocket watch. It doesn't run and has no crystal. Has gold chain and $1.00 gold coin. Grampy paid $2.00 for it new in 1855. I want to get it fixed - with parts that won't ruin it's value. Not into putting the old...
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    Free roast,Hatch Pepper

    Get a free roast for a 30lb. bag at Vallarta market in N.Hills Ca. Sat. about $30 a bag. I think several other stores that they have in Ca. will be different dates... Great stuff!   I'm gonna be taking home a bag -30 lbs. on the bus. LOL  ...
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    Green Arrow Nursery,N.Hills Ca.

    Closing it's doors soon,20% off on everything in the store.
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    I just talked to Chris

    He sounded better this time on the Phone. Doing Ok +/ far. Was great to talk to him.   He is a good Friend to me,over the years.   We did talk a while. Very cool!   Smoke    
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    Past posts-2014 I think

    I wrote a few Humorous stories about when Chris and or Judy sent me care packages. I am computer/search engine ignorant. Can anyone find them? I spent the last hour going through the search here. No love...from the search I did.   I wanted to send a friend a Few of the stories about the mail...
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    Chris starts the Bone Marrow thing Tomorrow. Talked to him today. A very good friend to a lot of us. Just passing the word on to people who might not know. He is going to go through a lot of stuff for at least a month,if not more. I doubt he'll be in any shape to post for a while.   Smoke  
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    Beer-fountain of youth

      10 YEARS AGO: BEER DRINKING SLOWS AGING From our March 2006 newsletter: "A new study from Czech doctors indicates that moderate beer consumption slows aging and reduces the likelihood of heart attacks. The study was paid for by a group of major Czech breweries. A Czech...
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    Chris/CMPMAN is VERY sick right now.SEND HIM YOUR LOVE! He has been a VERY GREAT friend of mine for YEARS. He is a VERY special person! I don't know if he wants me to post this or not. He needs your / our support. He is hospitalised now.Not looking good...
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    I saw the Chemo/Cancer guy today

    Tests,PET scans look Very cool! TODAY. Tests look VERY cool,I'm getting over Chemo faster than expected.   I'm posting this because lately,people tell me I've had an attitude or post LONG,too long posts.   YUP,I post as I do because they might be my last posts-IF that makes/Made sense to you...
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    Status thing.

    Being computer illiterate... I thought I was searching for a post I couldn't find - searched for MY last post. Was trying to see where a specific post was at... I guess it looked like I was saying something was MY LAST POST. Not what I was trying to do.   ON the good side,I'm amazed at the...
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    shopping buying seeds or starts in general these days

    I see MOST of the super Hots these days from Nurseries as being not even Chinense lately. A few are crosses , not even close to being supers,they grow the hot end of Habanero at best. A LOT aren't even Chinense.   Too much $ per seed or plant for supers these days I think. Unknown  sources are...
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    Large plant needs a home. Gotta pick up with gifts in works as other things. Pods on it now and buds. It's VERY wide.Not tall yet. A year + old. Bring a #15 container to replace mine.A heavy duty #15 pot or a garbage sack to put it in. I need the pot! Won't trade a c thin pot of the...
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    Obamer Could Care Less

    I'm tired of health care crap these days - as a needy customer,NOT just because I have health problems in general. I just spent YEARS (2005 till a year ago) being treated as a Hypochondriac instead of a person who was actually sick,I turned out to be Cancer patient with stage 3 Lymphoma B . OOPS...
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    Judy did it again!

    I got a Large package from her a few days ago!   We recently talked about seeds for stuff I wanted to add to her collection - what I was growing. She verified my address - so I was expecting a few seeds for stuff I wanted.   Wrong!   I woke up the other day to some heavy knocks on my door.   I...
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    bug ID

    No pics. This bug has clear wings but has a black dot on the ends. It is able to flex the wings too. Flex as in bends them to lick them or whatever... Like when other bugs clean themselves this one flexes it's wings to get access to them. Bug/fly is about 1/4 inch or slightly less in size.   Has...
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    Commercial LED's

    I'm posting this because Almost all Vendors LIE about there products AND charge a TON of $ for mostly crap LED grow lights. Maybe not crap,but stuff to get your $.Not get your pepper plants to grow. Pot etc. might need different NM. But that has nothing to do with Chili's.   Most claim a lot of...
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    wanted looking for frutecens seeds

    Specifically a variety Rainbow chile seeds sold he called Morocco and Napale Orange(Polo Pipiki).   Vladan doesn't sell Morocco anymore. I can't get the other to sprout...   If some one is into Frutescens,I have several more I'm looking for too.   I'm out of seeds for several different ones.  ...
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    seeds Checking out for bunk seeds

    I've been doing this for years.   Most people soak their seeds prior to planting.   To see what is inside soaked seeds,put them in a zip then hold them close to a light source. Basically you'll see bad embryos,no embryos or seeds that are cool looking. No brown or weird looking stuff inside. For...