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  1. Portuge

    California grown and still kicking out peppers.

    Hey guys it's been some time since I've been active here on the site. Haven't stepped away from growing peppers entirely, back on July 4 the whole family packed up and moved a town over.  Left majority of my babies in the ground and only took what was reasonable to fit in my vehicle. I did do a...
  2. Portuge

    Bugs got hit with a torch this time!

    Upon inspecting my chile plants today I found several with a bug infestation... Not sure what bugs they are at the moment.. Any guesses folks? Gave em some neem oil for treatment and see how they are in a day or two...
  3. Portuge

    Happy Birthday Semillas!!

    Happy birthday Peter!
  4. Portuge

    Happy Birthday Spicegeist!!

    Have a great day Charles......
  5. Portuge

    A sneak peek at what I have growing for 2014!!

    A sneak peak at what i have growing in the Garage for next spring... 2014 is just around the corner so i decided to sow some seeds and get a head start before the cold gets here... So heres what i have to start with for this Glog, hope yall like how my seedlings are doing at the moment...   C...
  6. Portuge

    Sasbe Hot White Scorpion tongue!! 1 spot left

    This offer is for the first five members that want in on it.  Each winner gets 10 seeds each...   1. Send me a self-addressed stamped bubble envelope 2. Include whatever amount of loose postage inside the envelope as it took to mail it to me. No metered postage can be used to send back the...
  7. Portuge

    Happy Birthday PIC 1

    Happy birthday Greg... Have a cold one and relax today...
  8. Portuge

    Happy Birthday Smokemaster!!

    Party on Smokemaster... Happy birthday
  9. Portuge

    Happy Birthday Lucky Dog Hot Sauce!!

    Happy bday, hope its a great day for you...
  10. Portuge

    Time to give back and share the heat..

    I know everyone here love the super hots but im offering up 1 pod each of Numex Twilight and Inca red drop to the first 5 THPers...  ...Hope you enjoy em as much as i did, beautiful plants especially the numex twilight with its different colors of pods at one time..  Pm me for addy, Sasbe rules...
  11. Portuge

    Happy Birthday AjiJoe

    Happy birthday to the one and only AjiJoe!!
  12. Portuge

    Portuges 2012 Chile grow season...

    Hey everyone here are some pics of the plants that i have growing right now... Feel free to look and comment on my pics... Any advice would be apreciated... Thanks for taking the time and dropping by... Chile Tepin 7pot Another 7pot Trinidad Scorpion Manzano Thats all for now...
  13. Portuge

    plant Need help identifing my chili plant

    I received some chiles from a friend at work and they resemble the piquin chile.... So in february I started my plant from seed... Any help would be apreciated in identifing my plant... As of right now its called chile de memo.. named after my friend who gave me the chilis