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  1. sknxvll

    wanted Biker Billy seeds

    Hey ppl, I haven't had any luck with the store bought Biker Billy's, so if anyone has any seeds from ones they've actually grown, I would like go buy some please 😁
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY jedisushi06!!

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nulle!!!!

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  8. sknxvll

    World Naked Gardening Day

    57 days away......would picking a few weeds around the house count, even if someone didn't technically have a garden set out?   Asking for a friend  ;)  :shh:
  9. sknxvll

    hot-sauce New XXX Arrival!!

    Yaaaaay!!!  :woohoo:   My Last dab xxx just arrived and I am sooo excited to try it with steak tonight!!   I loved.. LOVED the orignal, so can't wait to try the XXX out  :party: :party:
  10. sknxvll

    Vegas Trip!

    My visit to Vegas back in June was very hotttt!!! In more ways than the temps!!! :beer: :drunk:   Here are 2 bottles I picked up at a sea food restaurant. One is made with TS and the other Carolina Reaper!! These 2 are DEEEELISH!!!!  :party: :party: :party:    
  11. sknxvll

    Where is Cappy???

    He hasn't been online in awhile! :mope:  I was looking forward to his brown Brain Strain mash!!
  12. sknxvll

    wanted Looking for Dragon's Breath & 'Pepper X' sauce

    Hey all, I've been away for a bit, but back now :) Anyway I just saw today on FB there was a sauce called the Last Dab made with 'Pepper X'.   Are there any pods and or sauces out there now...with these 2 peppers. Not mixed lol!   Thanks!!!   Shauna
  13. sknxvll

    Happy B-Day cypresshill1973 !!!!

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    Happy B-Day Wicked Mike !!!!

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  15. sknxvll

    vendor Thank you Chocolatescotchbonnet!!!

    Oooooooooo, more Thai peppers for meeee!!!! :drooling: :drooling: :drooling: :drooling:  These are huge and look so yummy!! Thank you Chocolatescotchbonnet, the countdown has started for supper tonight!!!! :party:  
  16. sknxvll

    Happy B-Day FGpepperguy !!!!

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    Happy B-Day paulky_2000 !!!!

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    Happy B-Day coachspencerxc !!!!

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    Happy B-Day JuanHubero !!!!

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    Happy B-Day grantmichaels !!!!

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