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    video Kyle takes on the WhyNot F2 (Jays PGS x White 7 Pot)

    This is a very unique and sneaky chile pepper.
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    video Chocolate Lava x Reaper

    So, I can't exactly handle the superhots like I used to. My friend Andy stepped up to the plate now by eating a Chocolate Lava x Carolina Reaper that I grew. Watch him take it on!
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    website Finally, some success.

    PexPeppers Hot Sauce         Hello, It's been awhile but I'm back! PexPeppers Hot Sauce is back providing you the best in spicy sauces and chile flakes. Since my last post I have gone above and beyond in revamping my products and customer service.   If you recollect, you will remember that I...
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    It's time for me to say farewell.

    It's time for me and my company to say farewell to the hot sauce world as I've found a new line of work. It's been an amazing 10 years with all of you. I am going out with a bang by releasing one last sauce HERE and giving away my recipes HERE. I wish everyone here the best. Thank you. This is...
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    I'm still around

    no worries. I'm still here. haha
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    How to turn hot sauce into pepper jelly.

    It's incredibly easy. You just need some type of sweet hot sauce, pectin, sugar, jars, and a canner. I have not tried it with a savory/fermented sauce yet, but I'm sure it'd work! Here is the original recipe if you want to share it...
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    PexiePoo's '18 Glog. Now with more Quantum Board & COB LED.

    I love building things, particularly electronics. That lead me to building a grow light of my own. I used to be an HID kinda guy; think of High Pressure Sodium, LEC, and the like. LED lighting has never been for me as far as the red, purple, blues (think of Mars Hydro, Black Dog, KindLED, etc)...
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    PexPeppers 3 Packs!

      Hey there, I recently hit a big kickstarter and I am finally able to bring you the sauces you crave.    Why not try out the following?Taco Fuego with Chipotle (Heat 2/10) Cosmic Peach orange habanero and peach hot sauce (Heat 5/10) HornetBOMB honey and red habanero hot sauce (Heat 7/10) I...
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    If you move, don't use this company.

    I really did not want to make this public but now I have to. If you ever move, do NOT use Agility Van Lines, they are down right terrible. It's been about 40 days since we moved here to Colorado and our possessions are still not here. They have: Sauce making supplies, baby supplies, computers...
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    PexPeppers Hot Sauce Kickstarter!

    Hey there! I just moved to Colorado and I need YOUR help to bring back my hot sauces, jellies and more. The Kickstarter is already 82% funded, I just need your help to push it right over the edge. For those of you who've never had my hot sauces, My signature is using my own honey from my...
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    The spice is everywhere.

    I was walking one day when somebody kidnapped me and brought me to a store. At this store they have these chocolate bars with chili in it! The spice really is everywhere.  
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    Pex's 2017 GrowLog

    Hey guys and gals! Welcome to the '17 Glog!    I recently moved to my new house that has an awesome feature for growing and overwintering...   A SOUTHERN FACING FLORIDA SUN ROOM!        All I have planted at the moment are my SB7J seeds still going from Patrick's Original cross. (Scotch Bonnet...
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    I'm BaaAaaAaaAAck!

    Hey guys! I'm back from my slumber. I actually moved to Pueblo, CO! I got here about 3 weeks ago. A lot has changed in the world of Pex! I am a new dad, I have a Kickstarter to get my sauces going again, I even have my own house now. I look forward to bringing my skill set back to THP. Thank you!  
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    Going out west.

    Late next week we are taking a trip out west to find some new facilities for our operations, we need to sell a TON of hot sauce to do this so please use the code 40OFF for 40% off everything in stock. We have a LOT of KillerSWARM as well!  
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    You bored of watching your plants grow? watch mine instead
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    video PexPeppers Gardening Tutorial Videos.

    Hey guys, just want to share my knowledge with you. Here are some videos I will continue to make them until i run out of things to do. enjoy!   Part 1. Seed Starting. Part 2. Transplanting. Part 3. Pruning and Topping   Part 4. Re...
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    PexPeppers 2016 Grow Log GLOG

    We start off 2016 with a plant surviving from this year. A brainstrain 7 Pot! The light is orange because I am using a 600 watt High Pressure Sodium Lamp     Now on to the seedlings. I have a BUNCH of SB7J, Chocolate Brainstrain (judy strain), Chocolate BORG 9, and Chocolate Primo Reaper (by...
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    Dirt Cheap Gift Packs -- 50% off!

    Welcome, I am giving you 50% off my Gift Packs.   Use the code GIFTY50 for 50% off all gift packs right here >>>>>   Gift packs contain:   KillerSWARM - Moruga Scorpion & Honey Hot Sauce Atom Splitter - Brown Moruga, Guava, and Mango hot sauce...