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  1. Chewi

    favorite What is your favorite Baccatum Chili and why?

    Good point, I think it still is a great hobby and pretty much just went underground. Maybe after dude bro gets his kicks and the fad fades more peeps will come back around. FB really ruined things too. Dude bros on FB lol, a curse on society.
  2. Chewi

    baccatum Where did PeppaPeach come from? Anyone know the parents?

    So probably what I have in my stash labeled as “Peachadew” from a few years back. Might as well see what pops!
  3. Chewi

    favorite What is your favorite Baccatum Chili and why?

    HAHA was this a plant in one of the ‘largest pepper plant‘ competitions years back? This is just too great! EDIT: I see it was in the “Tallest Plant Growdown!”
  4. Chewi


    Not yet! Just saw them at Seed Savers Exchange. Looks delicious!
  5. Chewi

    chinense Faria Scotch Bonnet info/seeds?

    Another good mild red one is the Isabella Island Galapagos Red. Nice looking and nice tasting. Tasty, but not a face melter. I just saw seeds at Jim Duffy's site the other day. Had like two left.
  6. Chewi


    You like the Aji's that's good. Couple of them headed you way! I like them too, anything hotter than Habanero to me tastes horrible.
  7. Chewi

    wanted Can you help?

    Hey there, I remember you and I can send you some seeds. Let me take a look and see what I have when I get to the office tomorrow. What do you prefer? Chinense or the others or a mix?
  8. Chewi

    pics Incredible Scotch Bonnet

    Damn that is a hell of a nice looking plant there. I dig when they shoot out sideways! They taste as good as they look?
  9. Chewi

    P. Dreadie Memorial Group Grow 2016

    Looking really nice there!!! Cheers! Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  10. Chewi

    P. Dreadie Memorial Group Grow 2016

    You guys don't forget to make Erin's Trinidad Pork Stew with those!!! Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  11. Chewi

    Next to My Chair Revival

    Going to need some info on that light! Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  12. Chewi

    Good hot pepper for growing indoors

    Saw someone do a White Thai in a small indoor setup. Looked so good im ordering some seeds. Pretty sure it was that Khan Star dude. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  13. Chewi

    Cayennemist's 2021 from SCRATCH! New property

    damn man that looks like heaven!!!!! Happy 2021!! I bet those Rocoto will love your weather.
  14. Chewi

    Smoke Somethin

    Walchit your inbox is full lol. I have a question for you.
  15. Chewi

    Plantguy76 2021

    Chop Chop it is already the second week of January!
  16. Chewi

    Madame Jeanette Pepper Opinions

    I don't recall them having no flavor. I remember them being really nice. Not a face melter but more on the scotch bonnet level where I like things to be. I got these and Bonda Ma Jaques in a SFRB a while back. I enjoyed them both and thought they were similar if that helps. Happy 2021 growing...
  17. Chewi

    seeds When are you starting seeds?

    This coming weekend Chinense from seed. I'll just order some Annuum plants from CCN later.
  18. Chewi

    wanted WTB: Jamaican Hot Chocolate Pepper Powder

    Me too. Hope we get a bite.
  19. Chewi

    Any Recommendations On Must Grow, Low To Mid Heat Peppers?

    PA353. It is an annuum that looks as good as it tastes...
  20. Chewi


    Suuuucks! Way too young. Wolfgang's album drops soon. Hope he can continue to family legacy.