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  1. Naga Chomper

    video The smileyguy697 video collection

    Here is the first in a series of 10, of thoughts and experiences about peppers I just got from smileyguy697. Firstly, they are in amazing shape. Consistent sizes, beautifully shiny, and. Extremely fresh. Just gorgeous all the way around. I posted a poll because I couldn't decide which one to...
  2. Naga Chomper

    Need Help Deciding

    Okay. So I just received an incredibly gorgeous, and stuffed full box of peppers from smileyguy697.   Here's the list:   Borg 9 Bleeding Borg 9 Chocolate borg9 Kraken f1 Srtsl x bbg (needing caylx) Boc x reaper f1 Boc x orange Primo f1 Chocolate bbg Brainstrain Bbg   The question is, which one...
  3. Naga Chomper

    Unfortunate Headline of the Day

    I've come across some doozies in my time, but this one takes the cake. Please feel free to add to the thread with dumbass headlines you've run across.
  4. Naga Chomper

  5. Naga Chomper

    Fun With Passwords

    How secure do you think your password is?   Passwords for anything. Bank accounts, forum passwords, email passwords?   Check them out here:   You don't need to join, just type in a fictional account name, and start trying out passwords. The little bar will...
  6. Naga Chomper

    MONSTER Habs

    So I was at our local oversized grocery chain store today, and they usually stock habs. I was fresh out, and needed some, so I make my way over to the produce, and get quite a shocker. First of all, the regular habs were larger than normal, but in peeking through the box looking for the most...
  7. Naga Chomper

    hot-sauce bluemeanitsi's Tropical Fire Hot Sauce

    A few days back, there was an offer from bluemeanitisi that said he would send a bottle of hot sauce to the first three responders for free. I was lucky enough to get into the thread, and get a bottle sent. Here's the link to the thread he started with the offer...
  8. Naga Chomper

    Cheers to FarmerGuy

    Got my box of peppers sent from FarmerGuy, and have downed a rather sizeable Fatalli, a JUMBO chocolate hab (which was OFF THE CHAINS DELICIOUS) and half each of a Mouruga Scorpion, and Bih Jolokia. And am now feeling quite mellow. It was my first Fatalii, first Chocolate Hab, first Bih, and my...
  9. Naga Chomper


    Lurked for a long time, and figured I should just join up. Buncha cool peeps around here, and I have enjoyed reading. Won't be a pest, just a comment now and again, or a question. The goal is to try to get quite the indoor garden selection completed. Cheers!